Community Guide

This Forum is a gathering place designed to help one another grow, learn, and enjoy the budgeting journey! These Community Guidelines help ensure that all members of the YNAB community have the best possible experience.

By participating in this Forum, you agree to adhere to the rules in this guide. The YNAB Team has the right and responsibility to remove comments that are not aligned with these rules, or to ban temporarily or permanently any user for inappropriate, threatening, offensive, or harmful behaviors.


To protect yourself and demonstrate respect for others as you participate in the Forum:

  1. Respect differences. Keep in mind that everyone here is on a unique personal finance journey, and YNABers come from a variety of backgrounds and socioeconomic situations. We are all succeeding and struggling in our own ways. Let's treat everyone with respect.

  2. Assume good intentions. Not everyone communicates in the same way. Assume the person who posted was coming from a place of sincerity and good will.

  3. Discuss the topic, not the person. It's okay to have opposing views on different topics, and it's even okay to express views about YNAB that aren’t all positive. It’s not okay to attack an individual for expressing those views. This includes attacking members of YNAB Support; statements attacking YNAB staff will be removed.

  4. Mind your language, content, and behavior. This is a Forum for everyone. We have a zero tolerance policy for racist, sexist, homophobic, offensive, insulting, combative, antagonistic, or pornographic posts. Posts that include vulgar or profane language will be filtered and require approval from a moderator. Offenders will be banned without warning.

    To facilitate a respectful environment, we've established something we're calling the “Living Room Policy.” This means that across the Forum, using the words "damn" and "hell" are okay, but other swears will be flagged by our system, and we'll reach out privately to the original poster to ask that an edit be made before publishing. Because journals are more private (requiring a YNAB login to access) and tend to be more expressive by nature, the language allowance is wider. Feel free to express yourself as needed as long as other rules aren’t violated.

  5. Keep conversations and threads relevant and on-topic. Post in the most relevant section for your topic. Make use of the search function before creating a new topic and avoid duplicate threads. Duplicate threads will be redirected and comments will be closed. 

  6. No spamming, advertising, or referral/affiliate links allowed. Spam or advertising offenders may be banned without warning. Including a link in your post may flag it for review. We will remove referral/affiliate links as needed.

  7. Never share your (or anyone else’s) private personal information with any other Forum user, including YNAB team members. A YNAB team member would never need or ask for your YNAB credentials, personal details or banking credentials, so keep them private to ensure your information is secure and prevent potential fraudulent behavior. Never share someone else’s personal information, either.

  8. Do not use the Forum private messages to reach YNAB support—unless you’re communicating with Veronica about the Forum itself or an issue in the Forum. If you can't find the answer you're searching for, create a new thread. If you have a question concerning a sensitive topic or private information, reach out to our support team directly from the app, or send an email to [email protected].

  9. Never impersonate YNAB employees or other Forum members. Offenders will be banned without warning.

Reporting an Issue

If you see a post you feel violates these guidelines or does not belong in the Forum, please report it on the spot by clicking the three dots to the right of the post. Our team will review every violation and take necessary action to make sure this space continues to be a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. If you need to bring something to support's attention quickly, please send a private message to Nicole .

If you don't immediately see your comment or thread, it's possible it is pending review. This is usually caused by language triggers or embedded links. Support will try to clear these posts as quickly as possible.


Feature Requests, Bank Connection Issues, & Bugs

The Forum is a great place for hashing out ideas, but it isn’t a full representation of all the feature requests we receive. Our Product Team does not have a presence in this Forum and we make no guarantee that they’ll see discussions related to a feature that happen here.

  1. To let the YNAB Product Team know you would like to see a feature in the software, please fill out this feature request form. Include as many details as possible—they review every single one!

  2. Pesky YNAB Bugs can be reported through our bugs form, after you've given our troubleshooting steps a try. 

  3. If you’re experiencing trouble with your bank connections, our Bank Import form will get you the help you need.

  4. If you have a feature request, feedback, or a bug report about the Forum itself, feel free to post it under the About This Forum category.

You're always welcome to message  Nicole  with questions or concerns regarding any of our Community Guidelines.


Thanks for helping us create a welcoming environment!

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