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The purpose of our Community Guide is to ensure that all members of the YNAB community have the best possible experience. This forum exists so that we can help one another grow, learn, and enjoy the budgeting journey! 

By participating in this forum, you agree to observe this guide. Members violating these standards may be suspended or banned from further participation at the discretion of the moderators.

The Guidelines

  1. Follow the “Golden Rule”. Always treat other YNABers with respect, the way you wish to be treated. 
  2. Assume good intentions. Before immediately jumping to a reactionary response, assume the person who posted was coming from a place of sincerity or kindness.
  3. Respect differences. Everyone has their own different journey within personal finance, including a variety of backgrounds and socioeconomic situations. We are all succeeding and struggling in our own ways.
  4. Make each post count. Can you take the time to brighten someone’s day with a message of encouragement? Do you have advice to share?
  5. Discuss the topic, not the person. We encourage threads to stay focused on opinions and thoughts about the topic at hand without making judgements of the people behind the posts. 

Nitty-Gritty Rules

  1. Zero tolerance policy for racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise offensive posts. This is a forum for everyone.
  2. No duplicate threads—they make it difficult for everyone to find answers they need! 
  3. No spamming, advertising, or referral links allowed in forum threads or blog posts.
  4. This forum should be friendly to all readers regardless of age. As a result, avoid profane language.* No pornographic content allowed.
  5. Never share your personal YNAB login information with any other forum user.
  6. Keep your personal details and banking information secure to prevent yourself from fraudulent behavior.
  7. Never share someone else’s personal information.
  8. Keep conversations and threads on-topic and please post in the most relevant forum for your topic.
  9. No impersonation of YNAB employees or other forum members. 
  10. Disclose when you have shared your personal blog link, and do not spam the forum for your own personal gain.
  11. Please do not use the forum private messages to get YNAB support. 

*A note on language: We've established something we're calling the Living Room policy. Across the forum, using the words "damn" and "hell" is okay. Any other swears will be flagged by our system, and we'll reach out privately to the original poster to ask that an edit be made before publishing. 
Because the journals are more private (requiring a YNAB login to access) and tend to be more expressive by nature, the language berth is wider. Feel free to express yourself as needed as long as other rules aren’t violated (hateful, personal attacks, etc.)

Reporting an Issue

If you see a post  which you feel violates these guidelines or does not belong, please either report it (click the three dots to the right of the post) or send a private message to Veronica

Feature Requests & Bugs

The forum is a great place for hashing out ideas, but it isn’t a full representation of all the feature requests we receive. To send a feature request directly to our product team,  please fill out this form.  For feature discussions, a user created this thread that you're welcome to join into. All additional feature requests that come in as new topics will be redirected and comments will be closed.

Pesky YNAB Bugs can be reported through this form, after you've given our troubleshooting steps a try!

If you have a feature request, feedback, or a bug report about the forum itself, feel free to post it under the About This Forum category. Thanks!



We put together some common questions you may be asking yourself about our YNAB forum :) 

What is this strange username I've been assigned? 

Good question! Whenever someone accesses the forum for the first time they'll receive an automatically assigned name, username, and avatar. It's usually a color followed by a random thing like Salmon Wizard or Magenta Orca, to name a few of our favorites. Both can be changed at any time. To change your name and avatar, click your user icon in the upper right corner and select Edit Profile. The username can be changed under the Account tab on that same page. 

What’s up with these sections?

  • Community” is a discussions place — You’ll find it to be a great place to chat with other YNABers, journal about your budget, and share epic vacation pictures! YNAB team members will hop in there from time to time, too.
  • If you need an answer about YNAB, post in the "Q&A" section. This community will make sure you get one. And even if it has been answered, be sure to write back if you need more clarity.

I can’t access the forum!

If you can’t access the forums at all, clear your cookies and confirm that you’re signed in through your YNAB account. Of course, you’re not reading this if you can’t access them, so…

What do I do if I can’t access the forum?

Reach out to us through the app - our team will get it sorted!

How do I keep track of my threads?

On the home page, you'll see an "All Topics" view. Click the profile icon to the right of that section to only see threads or categories you follow.

You can also access your personal stream by clicking on your name at the top right, then click Stream next to My Posts. You’ll see any replies to topics you’ve posted in or mentions of your name. 

How can I tag other users, and why?

When you tag other users, they’ll be notified in their stream (and via email if they have notifications set that way). To tag someone:

  • Type the @ symbol.
  • Start typing their name or username, any part of it.
  • Select their name from the list there, and go right on typing.

I can’t edit my own post! 

So, there’s a time limit here. When you post a new topic, you’ll have one hour to make edits before it’s locked — when you make a comment, 30 minutes.

If you need help editing it after that window of time, private message Veronica

How do I format images/attachments?

If you want the graphic to look like an attached file for someone to open, then use the Attachment feature.

If you want the graphic to open up as a preview, then use the image feature or drag & drop the file to attach.

Note: these will always show up at the END of your reply (not in-line with your text).

To add a Youtube/Wistia/Vimeo video:

  • Copy the URL from your video site
  • Click the video icon on the bottom of your post
  • Paste the URL and click OK.
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