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I finally bit the bullet and uploaded my credit card into YNAB. I owe about 4000 on it. How do I pay it down with out assigning a category to it? I want to pay it down, but I can't do it all in one month. It wants me to assign it to a category, but then that category will be in red because I don't have enough money. Any ideas?

I want to keep it so that future purchases have a category so I don't get into this pickle again.

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  • I believe the category won't be required if you manually enter your payments prior to the sync. I was confused at first as well, but manually entering has helped clear things up for me.

    Also, don't forget to call your CC company and ask about lowering your interest rate! 

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    • Slate Blue Lightning (b7d3059e1104) where do you manually enter CC payments and when do you do that?

    • Hi Coral Horse !

      I can't speak for Slate Blue Lightning personally, but you can manually enter your credit card payments at any point as long as you know the amount you intend to pay (it shouldn't be more than what's Available int he credit card category).

      Take a look at the link above and let me know if you still have questions! :)

  • You'll assign it to TBB and it won't affect your budget. Then you'll be able to use the credit card goals to budget for your payoff. 


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  • I really encourage you to check out the Credit Card class that YNAB offers - . It really helped me to understand WHY credit cards work the way they do. And why it's important to include them in your budget.

    And I second calling your CC company about a lower rate! And if you have more than one credit card, also check to see if you can do a balance transfer for a lower interest rate. I used this website to help me compare offers when I transferred my debt to a lower rate card -

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  • Is YNAB the best personal budgeting software?

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      Gold Boa Yes!

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  • Same thing here. I prefer to get rid of credit cards unless extremely needed. The thing is that I got info nasty financial hole once. Never wish anyone to have the same experience.

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      Beige Device I think that this is not the case with every bank. You can try an American Express credit card because it has cash back benefits.

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