Podcast recommendations

I like to listen to podcasts while commuting, cleaning, walking...

Please add to my podcast list!

So far, I have

YouNeedABudget (obviously)

Money Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips

Freakonomics Radio

NPR Planet Money

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  • I really like Budget & Cents

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  • I love Afford Anything and The Mad Fientist

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  • I like SoMoney, ChooseFI, Stacking Benjamins, Money For the Rest of Us, Radical Personal Finance, and Listen Money Matters....Can you tell I've gone down a rabbit hole? 

  • Can't really help you if you're planning on sticking with the finance podcast theme...  however if you are interested in other topics here are a few of my favorites (in no particular order)


    No Such Thing as a Fish (heretofore referred to as NSTAAF)

    This American Life

    Radio Lab

    Ted Radio Hour



    With the exception of NSTAAF, all of these are NPR radio shows (or at least the people making them are affiliated with NPR) so they have great production value and know how to tell a story in a very interesting and compelling way. 

    NSTAAF is sort of like a random trivia show run by a group of people who do research for a british panel quiz show called QI (short for Quite Interesting).  The QI 'elves' (as they call themselves) stumble across all manner of interesting factoids doing their research for the show that they share/discuss in very amusing ways.  It's hard to explain but it's one of my favorite things to listen to. 

  • In the NPR Family - Planet Money, Pop Culture Happy Hour, NPR Politics Podcast, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Code Switch, and It's Been A Minute

    However the bulk of my podcasts are in the pop culture realm:

    Show Your Work

    Extra Hot Great

    The Sporkful

    Mark and Sarah Talk About Songs

    Anna Faris is Unqualified


    Making the Sausage (EHG family)

    Go Pirates (EHG family)

    Blotter Presents (EHG family)

    These are Their Stories

    Stuff You Should Know

    Stuff Mom Never Told You

    Sooo Many White Guys

    Politically Reactive

  • Some of my favorites.

    Sci-Fi Short Stories:

    Fantasy Short Stories:

    Shadowmagic Series Books (Fantasy)

    1. Shadowmagic - http://shadowmagic.podiobooks.libsynpro.com/rss
    2. The Prince of Hazel and Oak - http://Shadowmagic2.podiobooks.libsynpro.com/rss
    3. The Sons of Macha (podcast is not complete yet) - http://shadowmagic3.libsyn.com/rss

    Horror Short Stories:

    Horror Series:

    Stories behind songs:

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  • I am a HUGE fan of the McElroy brothers and their myriad of podcasts on all subjects. The podcasts they do can be found at mcelroyshows.com , but my favorite ones are My Brother, My Brother, and Me (MBMBaM) their “advice” podcast, and The Adventure Zone, where they play Dungeons and Dragons with their father.

    Each brother also has a podcast they do with their respective wives, ranging from medical history to manners to everyday things that are just wonderful and uplifting. :D

  • I agree with a lot of the ones already mentioned, but some I would add that I didn't see listed yet:

    Criminal - true crime sort of stories. It's really interesting. About 30 minutes long.

    Lore - Sort of about all the things that go bump in the night. The host is a wonderful storyteller, and there is also a 6-episode show available if you have Amazon Prime. I've only watched the first episode, but it's so good! Episodes are about 30 min long.

    You Must Remember This - It's about the history of Hollywood, basically, and the host breaks it into series, so there's been one about MGM, a series that just finished about Bela Legosi and Boris Karloff, a Marilyn Monroe series, etc. Episodes are maybe 45-min to an hour.

    Reply All - Sort of about a lot of stuff on the internet. I like the hosts' banter. :D I don't remember how long episodes are. Maybe 45ish minutes?

    I pretty much listen to each episode as soon as it shows up. :D

  • Hidden Brain

    NPR Politics (it’s the only political podcast I can stand)

    The Way I Heard It by Mike Rowe

    And others already mentioned above!

  • Mo' Money is great! About millennials with Canadian content, but definitely applicable to Gen X'rs in their 40s like me! :)

  • Dough Roller by Rob Berger

  • A great podcast people should listen to is the Broke Billionaires podcast it's a business-based podcast with 2 average guys from Boston. Providing this platform for anyone that is aspiring to do something with their lives.

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