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Hello out there! My question is why is my ynab checking account (in the left column) still showing a negative? All my pending transactions and paper checks are accounted for, and my cleared balance agrees with my bank. I checked all my uncleared transactions and found no discrepancies. Please see screenshot

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  • The checking account balance on the left of the screen displays the working balance of your account - ie what the balance would be if every single item in your register were cleared. Right now you have $316.90 sitting in your checking account for real, but you have $524.84 in transactions that could clear at any moment. That means when all of those pending items clear before you deposit more money, you account will be negative 207. You have spent more money out of your checking account than it actually contains (or a payment will bounce if you don't have overdraft protection).


    What number were you expecting it so say?

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    • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
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    You have $524.84 that you've spent from your checking account that hasn't hit the account yet (are you sure you didn't use some other payment method for some of those?) When those transactions do hit your checking account you will be in overdraft by about $208.

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