Priorities are hard -Mortgage vs. Fun

Hubby and I have paid all debts off except the house.  We've ramped up our ER fund and have a few grand on top of it to replace my work car if necessary.

We've made some sacrifices to get this far, and I'm struggling with priorities for our next goals.

We've not had a big vacation in a few years, and we've never had a real bedroom set.  But the good FPU answer is to work on paying off the house.

So, what suggestions do you have, my fellow YNABBERS?  Can I have my cake and eat it too?

Fancy vacation:$6000

Bedroom set: $10,000

Mortgage:. 165,000 principle; 4.5%.   14 years remaining

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  • I'd go with a moderate vacation, 2k (cabin, spend time outdoors, roadtrip.)  and the rest on the mortgage. Keeping pushing ahead. Take a big trip when the mortgage is done. Great work, your doing well

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      thiggo Fully agree with you. Scale down on the vacation. Your debt is an emergency -- I mean, as long as you did not repay all debt, you are essentially spending dollar you do not have. I understand that is kind of harsh, but for me personally this keeps me on track (after four years, I hope to full repay the mortgage loan -- I went from €262,500 to €46K today. :)

  • I just want to hop in and say, you're right! Priorities are hard -- and your decisions are all about your priorities. Between the vacation, the furniture, and your mortgage, which are more important to you?

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    • Jen This! It's okay not to do everything the FPU way. My favorite thing about YNAB is that I get to choose what my priorities are. 

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