Budget categories missing from transaction register

WIfe and I have only been doing ynab for less than a week, so we're pretty green. My question is this: We made a payment to our credit card company from our checking account  it shows up on our checking register (auto synced) but the budget drop down menu doesn't have our credit cards listed as an option to categorize them. The credit cards are listed in our budget. It's probably something super simple but what are we missing here??? TIA!!

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  • You don't "categorize" a payment to a credit card: it's just a transfer of funds from one account to another. From the checking account register, select the credit card account in the Payee field when you make the payment.

    The original charge posted to the credit card is where you enter the category. What did you buy with the charge you posted?

    Charge to CC: $100. Category: Groceries

    Payment to CC: $100. No category needed; it's already entered when you made the charge.

    • JoeDid  Thx for the response. That does help clear up the issue. 

  • It sounds to me like you need to update the Payee to be the CC which is in your account list.  Once you do, the category drop down menu will be greyed out.  It's just a transfer of funds.

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      Consider spending some time doing the live classes.  They are only about 20 minutes and it really helps when you are just getting started.  Alternatively, you can find recordings of them on YouTube.

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