Paycheck from Friday not showing as of Sunday

My wife and I got paid on Friday. Like we always do. The payments have cleared according to my bank. But these items are still not showing up in YNAB. This is my first payday since joining YNAB, so I'm wondering if this is a standard thing. Is it?

I'm hesitant to add a transaction in my account because I don't know if they'll match up and only appear once when it finally does import into YNAB. Should I be hesitant?

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  • You can always manually add the transaction. No need to wait for bank import. My paychecks are all set up as recurring transactions in YNAB so I don't even have to do a manual entry unless I change my withholdings.

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  • Assuming the dates are relatively close and the totals are the same, YNAB should match them automatically. And if it doesn't, it isn't a big deal -- just select the two transactions and click Edit > Match.

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