Historical Import for Tax Reasons

I'm setting up YNAB to track both personal and business expenses, and - due to mixed credit cards and bank accounts - need to keep it all in one budget.

It is now May 9th, and at the end of the year I'll need a full year report on my business stuff.  So while I can just "look ahead" on personal, my business expenses I need from the start of the year.  They are few enough that I can enter them manually... But how do I do this without messing up my current total?

Example:  Say I paid $600 to an editor in January. I need this noted for my reporting.

My current available funds are, say $50,000.  

If I now add a $600 editor January spend, it will want me to budget for it... Making my available funds $49,400 - which is incorrect. 

So what do I do? Create a dummy "cash" account and load if with fictional money to cover the transactions already made?

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    • Been waiting 5 years for the Stealing From the Future fix...
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    Don't do it. You'll make a mess of your YNAB budget. Log the past transactions into a spreadsheet and then roll them together with your YNAB numbers at the end of the year. You'll only have to do it this one year.

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  • Thanks for this.  I already have everything in quicken, I was just hopping to make things smoother and get a better image of my true expenses.  I may be SOL.

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