Conflicting figures: account header and budget inspector

It's April 20: I've budgeted for and paid the balance on this credit card. It's at zero. With the card highlighted, the inspector clearly shows the budgeted and paid amounts and a zero amount due.

On the account screen for this account, however, the header reads "Overspending (April) $41.58" with an expected payment of $0.00.

The figure represents a zero-interest installment loan that's charged and paid off each month. There has never been a month when the amount wasn't budgeted for and paid off.

What is this discrepancy? Why does is show overspending when there has been none?

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  • Hi JoeDid ! 


    Thanks for all those screenshots, that certainly helps but 2+2 together! 

    A couple things:

    1. It looks like the Toolkit extension is being used there? When we release updates (which we did on Thursday), it can impact features offered by the Toolkit, and they need time to make updates on their end. I'm wondering if that's what's causing the discrepancy? Can you take a look at your budget in an Incognito window to confirm/deny?

    2. You shared a screenshot of (what looks like) the Barclaycard CC Payments category, but where did you categorize the actual installment loan transaction? Is that category overspent? If so, budget the $41.58 in that category instead, which will then cover that overspending/payment amount. 


    Let me know how things are looking after that, or if it's something else entirely! 馃槉

      • JoeDid
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      • Purple_rain
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Jannelle Thanks, Jannelle. I'm not sure what went crazy this month: I've been doing this since October, and have never had an over-payment show up like this.

      1. I disabled the Toolkit and refreshed with the same result; I closed out and opened in an incognito window: same result.

      2. I have no overspent categories anywhere other than this one.

      The account is simple: one transaction in; one out and a zero balance always. Since I'm relatively new to nYNAB, I'm going to restart. I have my years of transaction history in Y4 I can rely on, so that's no problem. Thanks.

      • GBR
      • GBR
      • 2 yrs ago
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       JoeDid  Just checking: was the payment to the credit card recorded as a transfer (no category)  or as a transaction with a category?  How is the "installment bill/loan charge" categorized?  Did you budget to that category or to the credit card payment category?

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