YNAB-friendly Financial Planners and CPA recommendations

I'm new to the forums, but I didn't see this information anywhere. I apologize if it is.

My family owns a small business (restaurant) and we use Quickbooks for bookkeeping. YNAB is what I use for personal budgeting though and while I would love to use it for our business, I'm too afraid of trying to tackle that without some kind of professional help. Does anyone know of a resource that can link me to local financial planners and CPAs who are familiar and comfortable with YNAB? I don't think our current CPA would know what to do with it.


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  • I don't know that itd be local, but I'm fairly certain BudgetNerd works remotely. https://budgetnerd.me/

    Run by a former YNAB  employee who ended up  spinning off the "small business help" arm of the company. 

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  • Hello! I'm a bookkeeper and QBO ProAdvisor and use YNAB for myself, my biz and my clients. I do have a restaurant client, although he's not using YNAB right now. I'd be happy to chat with you to see if I can assist you in any way if you would like! 

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  • I am looking for a bookkeeper who is skilled in YNAB, as well. My contact info is [email protected] Thank you!

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    • Summer Bock Hello! Thanks for checking out my website. I've sent you a reply via email!


  • Any YNAB experts in Houston?  I used YNAB classic for 3 years and just discovered I was doing it wrong.  I'm just getting started using YNAB 4 for both my small business and personal budgeting.  

    [email protected]

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    • Powder Blue Rhythm Good morning! I can never remember which version number is which. :-) Are you using the desktop version or the web-based version? If web-based, and you aren't able to locate anyone in Houston, we should be able to connect via video conference/screen-sharing if you are interested! I haven't used the desktop version in years, but started out with it in my YNAB journey :-) Feel free to reach out if I can help!


  • I'm using the web based version so it might not actually be YNAB 4, my bad.  I just set up my budget a couple days ago.  

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      Powder Blue Rhythm Hey Chris! Fancy meeting you here on the forum! 😊

      Yeah, you were using YNAB 4 (called YNAB Classic on mobile), but you just moved over to the web based YNAB, which some call "new YNAB" or "nYNAB", but we just call "YNAB", because it's just dang confusing and with an ever evolving web app and subscription based model, there is no need for version numbers! 😆

    • Jannelle 😉

  • Hey HBC !


    We do have some resources for you! YNAB the company runs on YNAB the software, and it's working great! Check out this article on how to set up a business budget.

    The founder of YNAB, Jesse, has written a number of blog posts that you might find helpful too. Here are some great ones:

    Keep in mind that they were created based off of our previous version of YNAB (YNAB 4) so you won't recognize some of the screenshots. The information is all still relevant, though! 

    Let me know if you have any more questions at all! I know you'll find some incredible resources here on the forum too, the YNAB community is the best! 💛

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      Very useful links, thank you for sharing! 

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