No new debt & didn't blow up my budget this weekend!

I started YNAB in Nov 2017 and had a bit of a learning curve the first few months. I was still acquiring debt while also *slowly* paying down my CC because I didn't understand the concept of saving for those future, infrequent expense categories.


This article was a HUGE game changer for me & after reading this I realized I needed to slowly and consistently build up those future, infrequent expense categories as well as an emergency fund (including one that is "clothes & personal items" aka my version of fun money - be honest with yourself, right?!)


Two huge wins:

1. I have not charged ONE. SINGLE. THING. to my credit card that was not already in my budget so far in February! 

2. I spent a bit of money this past weekend (and last weekend) between errands, gifts and house upgrades. I knew my budget category amounts, stayed within them and ALL my categories are still green! I initially felt guilty spending all the money, I really haven't shopped like that since starting YNAB but to see those green categories is such a relief. 


I feel so empowered and although I am not debt free yet I am well on my way & feeling good with my budget and being able to use the tools YNAB provides! So much win! 

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  • Those are HUGE wins, congrats on all the green categories!! So impressive, great work, keep it up! :)

  • Adding to this- that I just paid off my debt on another credit card!


    I have paid off over $3000 since starting in the beginning of November!!!! And for a few months I was putting non-budgeted charges on my CC, I would think ok I'm paying $600 but I would have like $300 of non-budgeted oops! 


    Just one CC left to go! It's the biggest one but I can't wait to focus on it and be done with it! Happy Dance. 

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  • Way to go! Budgeting gets a bad rap that it's all about cutting expenses but it feels so good to buy something that you know you budgeted for.

  • Awesome!

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