Help allocating funds to a goal

I'm having trouble allocating funds toward a goal in the budget. My situation is (all numbers are for example):

I have 3 accounts: Checking; Savings1; Savings2

Checking has $100

Savings1 has $200

Savings3 has $400


When I look at my budget I see a I have $80 to budget (assuming the $20 is already allocated).

When I look at my goals in the budget I see:

Property Tax 0/0/0 (Budgeted/Activity/Available)

Emergency Fund 0/0/$200 (In the past I budgeted $200 and then did a bank transaction to move $200 from Checking to Savings 3).

I've created a Property Tax goal of $200.

I want to budget $200 to Property Tax, but when I do this I'm not sure what's going to happen. Will my To be Budgeted go into the negative? 

In my mind I have $200 in either Savings1 or Savings2 to cover this. How do I make it so that the $200 to be saved comes from Savings1 or Savings2? Am I mis-understanding how To be Budgeted works (is this really a sum of all 3 accounts?). To make this work do I need to just put in a made up transaction of moving $200 from ones of the Savings account and then move it right back after budgeting the $200 for the month? 


What confuses me is in my real account my to Be Budgeted is reflected at a fraction of what's actually in all three accounts, so it doesn't make sense to me that is the summation of all 3 accounts. Even with what I've got budgeted in a month it's no where near the total I have available. 

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  • If your savings accounts are budget accounts and not tracking accounts and you have $20 available in your To Be Budgeted, then out of that $700, you've already budgeted $680. You can only budget the remaining $20.

    If you have overspending in the previous month or have budgeted money into a future month, that will reduce the amount of money you have available to budget.

    If you are just starting and have just added the accounts and haven't budgeted anything, then your TBB number will equal the sum of your accounts.

  • If you've set the savings accounts up as Tracking accounts, their balances will not be incorporated into the To Be Budgeted value. To have ALL your funds on-budget (as it sounds like you want, and as YNAB recommends!), then be sure to set up the savings accounts as ON-budget accounts.

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