Memo and Payee Field on Import from Bank Connection


It seems that sometime recently either my bank or YNAB has swapped which fields contain which information in the bank connection process.  It's now bringing in all of the payees in the memo field and all of the payees are being listed as "DEBIT".


How would I go about fixing this?  I know when I was using classic, there was a toggle to swap those fields, but I'm not seeing that option in the web interface.  This has been super frustrating in reconciliation and, as it was an option previously, I'm not sure why it would be absent in the current web version. 


Any guidance is appreciated, thanks.

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  • Hi Coren !

    Oh goodness, thanks for letting us know the data coming in from Public Service CU has the payee and memo fields swapped! I did some digging on this, and unfortunately that’s the way our Direct Import partner is receiving the transactions from their connection with them, and they aren’t able to swap the fields back. (It’s more complicated than it seems.) 😞


    We’re also exploring some options on our side of things, but it’s going to take time to figure out the best solution, because there are lots of variations of this type of issue. I've added your bank to the list of research though, so it won't be forgotten!


    Since we don’t have an immediate solution, you might find it’s a better experience to use File Based Importing, which gives you the option to swap the payee and memo fields when importing transactions (just like YNAB 4). When you’re reviewing the transactions that are able to be imported, you’ll see a checkbox option to swap memos with payees.


    Now, as we research this issue, it would be helpful to know:

    - For which account type(s) have you noticed this behavior?

    - Are the payees/memos swapped for all transactions, or just some of them?

    - Can you send me a screenshot of a few example transactions?

    If you're more comfortable with it, you can send in those details to and ping me here so I can gather up the extra data and add it to the research list on our end! 😊


    Let me know if you have any questions at all.

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  • Seems to me that YNAB direct import should analyze both Payee / Memo fields and match with both contexts.  My bank does an oddball thing with Billpay entries and the memo field has the relevant info for matching with an existing payee.

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  • Hello Jannelle

    I just started to run into this issue when I relinked my Capital One bank account.  When I import the transactions to my linked account the Payee info goes into the Memo field.  Is this still a known issue and is the temporary workaround still to do a manual import? 



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    • Hi Inmt0497 !

      Thanks for checking in here! :)

      I haven't seen this issue reported with Capital One recently. We're still looking into ways to adjust that information on our end, so manual entry is still the best work around. However, can you answer the above questions for me?

      - For which account type(s) have you noticed this behavior?

      - Are the payees/memos swapped for all transactions, or just some of them?

      - Can you send me a screenshot of a few example transactions?

      If you don't want to post that information here, I can reach out via email to take a closer look at things! :)

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      • Inmt0497
      • inmt0497
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      Faness Hi,  Thank you for the reply.  Please reach out to me via email.  I can provide that info there.  Thanks. 

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  • Hi Janelle ,


    Not sure if I should have started a new thread or jump on this one.  We recently moved banks and experience the same thing with Columbia Credit Union.  Any advice?

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    • Hi Todd Schlesinger !

      I sent you an email a bit ago to grab a few more details. We haven't gotten this issue ironed out just yet, but we're still looking into alternatives! :)

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    • Faness Hi! After years of using YNAB, I finally realized why automatic categorization has worked so poorly. Like Todd above, I've been a member of Columbia Credit Union the entire time, so all of my payee and memos have been swapped around. I'd love if there was a way to fix this during the automatic import process, but I'm also curious if there's a way to swap the payee and memo fields on already-imported items. I saw you now have an API and thought I could play with that, but if there's already a way to do this across my years of transactions, that would be extremely helpful.

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    • Hi Peter Wooley !

      Sorry for the trouble! There isn't a way to swap the memo and payee once a transaction is already in your budget. The only way to do so is before importing when using File Based Importing and making that selection. If you were to go through and swap them now, it would create a bunch of new payees. It may be easier to use the Payee Management feature.

      As for the API, take a look at the API Section of the forum. Our developers chime in over there, so they can help guide you through any questions you have. :)

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    • Peter Wooley after being switched to the newer import partner or whatever magic it is called, the problem was fixed!  No longer do I have the payee and memo swapped!!!

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    • Peter Wooley I took a look and your accounts are connected through our original Direct Import partner. If you'd like to try our newer Direct Import partner, I'd be more than happy to get you switched over. Just let me know and I can reach out via email with more details! :)

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    • Faness I'm definitely interested in switching over to the new Direct Import partner. I'll cross my fingers to have the same success  Todd Schlesinger had.

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    • Peter Wooley I just sent you an email with a few more details and a request for *official* permission to switch you over. :)

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  • I'm having Payee names show up in the Memo field for Capital One Bank only (not on my Capital One credit card).  Example / screenshot attached.

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    • Hi Powder Blue Stallion !

      Our team is out on holiday break, so I'm going to reach out from—that way, we can get someone to look into this for you a little faster. 😀

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  • This started happening a few months ago with OneAZ Credit Union also. They made some changes on their end, and direct import was broken for awhile. It works now, but the payee and memo data is reversed. 

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    • Hi Sea Green Ink !

      Sorry for the delay! Are you still seeing this issue on your end?

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    • Faness Yes, still seeing the issue. 

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    • Sea Green Ink I sent you a quick email to see about switching you to a different Direct Import partner. :)

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  • Hi,

    So I know this has been a longstanding problem and it's great to see some discussion about this -> is there an official feature thread or some way of staying informed about this?

    It's probably the most frustrating feature about YNAB for me (my credit union Vancity in Canada has the same problem), and the interface of my credit union makes file-based imports a huge pain.

    Hope there's something coming as it's been a long time with this frustration and it really makes budgeting a pain.

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    • Hi Etienorah Kissack !

      I sent you a quick email to see if switching to another one of our Direct Import partners is an option. :)

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