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Hi there,


Just starting out so pls bear with me.

My questions are about future budgeting:


1) Is a scheduled transaction deducted from my To Be Budgeted in general or after it actually occurs?

2) If I have future goals is that deducted from my current To be budgeted? If so, it will look like I have less money then I actually have in the bank, correct? How do I reconcile this other than to keep track mentally?

3) If I don't HAVE the money but I know I will have to pay a bill for $1000 in 6 months do I simply put it as a goal, or a scheduled transaction? And just accept it will appear red because I can't actually budget for it?




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  • 1) After it occurs.

    2) A goal is only going to reflect the money you have budgeted towards it. Depending on the goal type, it might change color to indicate you haven't budgeted enough to meet the goal.

    3) I would create a goal, if you need to save over time for this. If I was going to receive a bonus or some other income that I planned to budget it in one lump sum before it was due, I would just schedule the transaction.

    • Flyin'Brian Thanks! So a scheduled transaction is simply that - money that is automatically and regularly going to come out of my bank account in the future (like rent). A goal is me saving part of budgetdollars  towards something (auto maintenance). 

      So when a preauthorized payment goes through my bank (rent) do I then record it as a transaction or it will it do this automatically?

    • Alice Blue Sander You can schedule a transaction for anything, but the most common reasons are for things you have set up for auto draft or as a reminder of things in the future you want or need to pay on a certain date.

      When the date rolls around the transaction will appear in your budget, seeking approval. At that point you can edit the transaction anyway you need to or delete it if neccesary.

  • "To Be Budgeted" all caps has a specific meaning. It's the big number at the top of the budget screen.

    This is money you have that has not yet been assigned to categories. Generally this should only be non-zero when you first start, add a new account or receive new income. At that point you should budget money to categories to bring the number to zero.

    • nolesrule Thanks!

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