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Hey all,

I've done a bunch of searching but cannot find the help I'm looking for so am creating a new thread.  If this has clearly been answered somewhere else link it and I'll head there.

So ever since PC Mastercard direct imports went down it's been a bit of a mess reconciling everything.  Just spent some time today working on everything and have run into a problem.

My  Credit Card payment (top) shows a balance of $1555.44 (see Fig. 1) but my Credit Card Balance (side bar) shows a balance of -$2383.81.  I know these numbers are supposed to match and I cannot figure out why they do not.  I've searched and there are no underfunding categories.  Thoughts?

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  • First off, reconcile. Your available payment amount doesn't matter for this part; reconciling just ensures that your credit card working balance is correct (i.e., it reflects all cleared transactions plus pending transactions).

    Second, there are a couple of different ways your available payment amount and your balance can get out of whack. (Specifically: overspending, refunds, and moving money out of the payment category). But you don't need to figure out what went wrong in order to fix it. Just check for and correct overspending in the current month (including hidden categories), then move money to the card payment category to match your working balance.

  • Did you budget for the opening balance on the card when you started?  That would be one of the more common causes of this issue.

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      Herman Forgot about that one!

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