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Hello! I am a bit confused. I want to use the goals feature to track various savings amounts (eg., save $2000 for a vacation by February 2020; $250 for Christmas 2019, etc). My intention is to plan ahead and put aside a certain amount for each savings goal each month - which is, I think, the point of the goals feature. But this is where I’m not sure what to do. I have been keeping my savings in a Tracking account, but when I move the amount into that account, the goal balance moves down to $0.

I want to be able to keep track of the seperate amounts that I’ve saved for each goal, so how do I do this?

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  • Put your savings account on budget! It's the simplest answer.

    If you insist on the onerous machinations of keeping your savings account as a tracking account, stop using a target category balance goal and use a funding goal. Of course the goal goes down to zero every time you move money to your savings account because the category balance is now zero and as far as the budget is concerned you have spent the money when it leaves the budget even if it is a transfer to a tracking account.

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      • c. tikvah
      • c_tikvah
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      jenmas ok! That makes sense. I had my savings account as a tracking account, because that’s what YNAB suggested, but it makes sense to change it. Hopefully that’s not to onerous of a project! 😂

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      • jenmas
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      Chana Wielinga the YNAB default is that Savings is an on budget account not a tracking account. For you to have made it a tracking account, you would not have been able to select “Savings” as the account type. 

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