Directions on how to change a cc account to a checking account

In order for me to continue with ynab I need to change my credit card accounts to checking accounts. I am not willing to continue with all these extra steps. I pay my credit card off 2 weeks early every month--the new way has totally thrown off my budget. At first I thought I could just ignore it--but now I'm off hundreds of dollars because I pay it early. There has got to be a way to do this. I want it to still be linked--but not listed as a credit card.

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  • Hi HezthePez !

    Paying your credit card off early shouldn't affect your credit card category or cause any overspending. It sounds like the starting balance of the card wasn't budgeted for or there was overspending in a previous month. While we don't suggest handling credit cards as checking accounts, some users do prefer it. I'll include the steps for how to change the account over below.

    1. Create a new account to replace the current one by clicking Add Account > Unlinked.  Choose the account type you’d like, give it a nickname (it will need to be slightly different than the original account), and enter 0 for the balance.

    2. Go to the original account, select all of the transactions, and move them to the new account using the Edit menu. Here’s a quick look at how to do that:

    The next step will be to delete the original account. If it's a credit card account, first check the Notes area for the credit card payment category in case there’s anything there you want to save.

    3. Okay, it’s time to delete the original account. Click the Edit icon next to the account name in the left sidebar, and you’ll see the Delete Account button. Be sure to save any text in the Account Notes field if needed.

    4. Now, you can edit the name of the new account and/or link the account if you'd like. For credit card accounts, you may want to create a goal on the new payment category in your budget.

    Let me know if you have any questions along the way!

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  • I wouldn't suggest to move all transactions due to the differences in CC handling. (There will likely be impacts to the budget.) Instead, I'd suggest a balance transfer (a.k.a., a payment) from the new checking account (which will go negative).

    Regardless of whether you do a balance transfer or move transactions as suggested elsewhere, your CC Payment category must match the account balance before doing this. Failing to get your CC to paid-in-full status will cause your TBB to decrease by the needed amount.

    Essentially, Step 1 of converting is to make the stock CC handling correct. The point of converting is to prevent the Payment category from diverging from the account balance. But if you've never had it agree in the first place, you're likely going to be in for a rude awakening. You're not going to magically find money -- in fact, it's almost certain to be the opposite.

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  • HezthePez said:
    now I'm off hundreds of dollars because I pay it early

     If the funds are in your categories ahead of the purchasing, then paying off the balance early will not result in any discrepancy, and certainly not to the tune of hundreds of dollars.  Are your payments showing as transfers between your transaction account and your credit card?  Because, being off by hundreds sounds to me like that might be the issue.

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