Canadian Financial Summit - wasn't sure where to post this so I picked here

There is a Canadian Financial Summit that is all online and has some of the smartest minds and finance bloggers. Its free but I think they have you get a ticket to get the sign in info. It runs from September 26 - 28. For my fellow Canadians you may recognize some of the names: Barry Choi, Mark Seed, Ed Rempel, Preet Banerjee, Rob Carrick, Ellen Roseman, etc. Go to to sign up.

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    Thank you for sharing this! Since this is tied to financial insight, I'm going to move this to the Tips & Tricks section. Hopefully, this tip proves useful for a few of our Canadian YNABers! :)

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  • The summit is happening now and I have checked out a few of the webinars and found some new financial people to follow.  I thought I would post the link to this guy's website. His thing is money skills for people in the arts (including irregular pay etc.). I haven't read too much yet but in perusing his website, guess what I found?  He's one of us!!! He uses and recommends YNAB.  Here's the link to the tools section of his website.

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  • Here is another thing I found through the summit.  This is a site that helps pick the best credit card for you. Yes, there are lots of those sites. This is a quick and easy one and also will pay you $5 if it doesn't find you the best card (or if it does, there are referral rewards). I went with the $5 because it recommended the card I already knew was the best for us (Scotiabank momentum visa) that is paying us over $1000 in cash back this year alone.

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  • This blogger did an interview about her Ikea kitchen remodel. I learned a few things (even though I am blessed with a super handy husband). the actual interview is only available for 24 hours through the free summit but here is the link to the blog article she did about her kitchen with a bolt by bolt breakdown and discussion of lessons learned.

    and this is the summit description of her interview and her.  

    Desirae Odjick

    Renovate Without Breaking the Bank

    International Financial Blogger of the Year Desirae Odjick ( returns to the Canadian Financial Summit with her unique brand of awesomeness. This time around she’s here to break down how she saved, planned, and executed her latest home renovations. This isn’t an HGTV “based on a true story”, but is a real inside look at how Canadians can minimize the financial pain, while they enjoy their renovated excellence!

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  • Here's one for the ladies (and maybe the guys). Now to be honest (and she says this too) she did not write the book The Curated Closet. However, she does give some really good ideas. Warning though, she thinks spending $3000 per year on clothing is reasonable. Yikes. But she does make some good points about the value of buying $250 designer jeans vs cheap ones since a good pair of jeans can make any business casual outfit better. And she does a shout out to Arlene Dickinson (Dragons Den) about learning from watching her that a great entrepreneur business woman outfit is a pair of black leather pants, a good blazer, and a pair of pumps.   Here is the bio info and then I will post a couple of links to her webpage and her apparently entertaining Youtube channel. 

    Bridget Casey

    Curating the Perfect Closet for Any Budget

    Bridget Casey is the CEO of and was recognized as one of Alberta’s Top Young Innovators in 2016. At the Canadian Financial Summit, we’re proud to bring together lots of people that can discuss the latest in ETFs or insurance needs - BUT we have only one that can discuss how to pick out the perfect professional wardrobe! Join Bridget as she schools me on how to feel comfortable, look professional, and remove the paralysis of “What do I wear today?!”


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