Does YNAB "Learn" Regular Transactions and Enter Them Automatically?

I have a transaction that I need to enter manually 2x every month. I download everything else, with this exception. I noticed this month that this transaction popped up on my list of expenses (I was prompted to approve it). This took me by surprise, and I'm wondering whether YNAB "learned" this expense and teed it up for me to approve. I'm mystified as to how else it could have appeared. 

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    Was it imported from your institution?

  • YNAB isn’t that smart that it would learn a transaction. You need to set it up as a recurring transaction and then it will appear for approval on the scheduled date.

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  • Sounds like you might have (accidentally) set it up as a recurring transaction.

  • Hi Ivory Keyboard !

    YNAB won't enter transactions unless you initiate the action - such as using direct import or entering Scheduled Transactions. Both of those entries will ask to be approved. Do either of them sound familiar?

  • Just checked - no, I had not made this a recurring/scheduled transaction , and it was not imported. It's a mystery. Let me watch and see if it happens again. If not, no worries ....

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    • Ivory Keyboard Just checking in! If you're still seeing odd behavior, I'd love to put our Ghost Busters-- I mean Bugs Team on the case! ;)

  • The only explanation I can come up with for this is that I mis-entered the month, entered a future month. Let me keep an eye on this and see if it recurs. Thanks!

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