Multiple Budgets on YNAB 4

I have done my elderly moms books after my dad passed away for years on YNAB 4. Does the new online version allow this or do you have to pay the monthly fee for each budget?

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  • You can have multiple budgets on one subscription. You just have to switch between the budgets. Not sure how the functionality compares to YNAB 4.

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  • Hi Budget Lover ! Welcome to the forum. 馃檪

    You can create as many budgets as you need! In the web app, click your budget name in the top left and select New Budget from the menu. 

    Then you'll click on Open Budget to switch between them, like this:

  • And you have to migrate them over individually. 

  • So my husband (who is reluctant to do budget) can start his own budget and try this out and maybe someday we can create a budget for US? That is exactly what I am hoping!

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      Navy Blue Mare absolutely! I tried out a couple of fake budgets to get the hang of the app. Maybe you could have him try a project or vacation budget. Sadly, the budgets don't talk to each other. But you could still have a separate budget tracking a subpart of your overall budget. Showing my age, but if you still do something similar to traveler's checks on vacation with prepaid Visa cards, then the prepaid card purchase would come out of the overall budget and go into the vacation budget as income. Then track spending from the prepaid card purchase in the vacation budget. 

    • Hi Navy Blue Mare !

      Yes, you can create multiple budgets in your YNAB account. So, if you want your husband to have his own account for now and focus on Joining Forces later, that works! :)

      There's also a blog post on why you may want to keep your accounts separate, as well. 

      It all depends on what makes you comfortable! :)

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