Amounts in Budget "To be budgeted" is different from working balance?

The "To Be Budgeted Amount" in my Budget screen is  different from the account working balance in the All Accounts page. I am not sure what could be a simple reason?

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  • How many accounts do you have on-budget in YNAB? Are you sure you haven't budgeted any money already? Is the TBB amount higher or lower than the total of your on-budget account balances?

  • Hi RAH !

    The To Be Budgeted amount is made up of a number of factors:

    +Funds for [This Month] is the total of:

    • the amount leftover in To be Budgeted from last month
    • the amount Budgeted in Future from last month
    • all Inflow:To Be Budgeted transactions for the current month (including from Reconciliation Balance Adjustments)
    • any Starting Balance transactions with a date in the current month on cash accounts (not credit card accounts)
    • any positive credit card balances in the current month
    • any cash advances from a credit account to a cash account in the current month

    -Overspending in [Last Month] is the total of all cash overspending (checking/savings/cash accounts) in the previous month. The individual amounts are shown in red in the last month's Available column for any categories with cash overspending.

    -Budgeted in [This Month] is the total of the Budgeted column in this month. 

    -Budgeted in Future is the amount of this month's funds you have budgeted in future months.

    Your To Be Budgeted amount won't always equal your account balance. However, the total of your Available amounts in all of your categories should match the amount of the total of your account balances. :)

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