Memos are being truncated to 50 characters

Transaction memos longer than 50 characters are truncated, which is strange because through the web app this limitation doesn't exist.

Would it be possible to lift the limit in the API?

I'm using the Ruby SDK by the way.


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  • +1 for me

    As of now, the API seems to not truncate some fields (payee_name or memo) when they are too long, but not even accepting them, this seems rather unfortunate, and is not declared in the public OpenAPI spec


  • +1 for me.  

  • Rafael Millan - We do truncate long memos but it should be truncating at a much longer length.  Are you certain you are passing a memo longer than 50 characters?  Can you give me an example request/response?

  • Hi Brady , I checked again: the limit is now 100, but I'm pretty sure it was 50 when I raised this issue :-)

  • Rafael Millan We do limit to 100 characters for validation on the API for security purposes.  What kind of increased limit are you looking to have?

    • Brady For my use case I append a note to an existing memo, so sometimes I had to truncate part of the original memo in order to make room for my annotation. I think 100 sounds reasonable.

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  • Hi, just to jump in on this one - are there any more undocumented limitations on transaction fields like this? I've run into the 50 character payee name limit and the 100 character memo limit already - is there anything else I should check for before posting?

      • George
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      • george_ynab
      • 1 yr ago
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      nocalla As of next Tuesday there shouldn't be any more undocumented limitations on transaction fields.

      I just added documentation for the validation constraints for creating transactions.

      • payee_name has a max length of 50 characters
      • memo is 100 max
      • import_id is 36 max

      I also fixed a minor copy issue with the import_id validation message. It used to read:

      import is too long (maximum is 36 characters)

      Now it reads:

      import_id is too long (maximum is 36 characters)

      I'll post here when it hits production. Cheers

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      • nocalla
      • Hot_Pink_Welder.2
      • 1 yr ago
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      George Great, thanks for the response!

  • nocalla This has now hit production. You can go to, then click "Model" to see the various maxLength values. Thanks again for the heads up on this!

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