At wits end with credit card statement credit

Hey guys,

Been with YNAB for about two weeks and pretty much everything has made sense so far...except for this.  The situation is simple, on my Amex I receive a statement credit for travel incidentals up to $200 a year. I charged about $100 to the card in incidentals and a few days later the amount was reimbursed by Amex. Now, I have read every thread and article that I have been able to get my hands on discussing how to categorize statement credits and how credit cards work, and based on these articles, I'm to categorize the statement credit as "Inflow - To Be Budgeted." Per these various sources, this should not increase the total To Be Budgeted amount, and instead should just decrease the balance on my credit card (which is what has happened in the real world). But, when I categorize the $100 credit as Inflow - To Be Budgeted, the total TBB amount goes up.

Where the heck am I going wrong?

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  • I just tested this in my budget, and it didn't add anything to TBB. Do you have the Amex account set up as a credit card account in YNAB, or do you have it set up as a checking account?

    • Tobias I just checked, and the account is setup as a credit card account. I also just tried some test charges and credits to another credit card account of mine and it worked as intended. I wonder if this account is just bugged or something. I'll wait for a few other responses and then maybe send a message in to support to take a look at it.

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      Turquoise Sidewinder That sounds more like a bug to me than anything if it works on your other card accounts but not this one. I would just contact support.

    • Tobias thanks so much for your help!

  • If these incidentals are contained within a single category, I would be inclined to categorize the credit directly to that. This treats it as a return, rather than new money, keeping averages / reports more accurate.

  • Hi Turquoise Sidewinder ! Welcome to You Need A Budget!

    Did the $100.00 statement credit cause your American Express credit card to have a positive balance by chance?

    When your credit card has a positive balance, YNAB treats it like any other cash account—the positive balance is added to your To be Budgeted amount. You can use the Selected Total feature to select all of your transactions in the account, up to that credit to see if it did.

    I see you sent in a message via the app, and I'll follow up there as well! 🙂

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