in house consultant for hire??

hi all--I just can't figure all this there a safe way to hire someone who knows how to do this to help set it all up and walk through all the steps...even when I use the online support for questions there's just too much to navigate (or I'm just too overwhelmed, and resistant to look at it as much as this program requires...). Anyone is the Dallas area that's an "expert" or knows of a service that can consult?? 

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  • Hi Blue Leopard ! I'm going to move this over to the Getting Started section of the forum.

    Have you had a chance to check out our Getting Started with YNAB Video Course or tried one of our free workshops? I think you'll find  Setting Up Your Budget helpful here!

    Our awesome education team will teach you how to give every dollar a job and how to be prepared for less frequent (and larger!) expenses. It’s the perfect foundation for building your budget. And since it's live, you can ask questions at the end!

    I do see that you wrote in via email, and you're in good hands with Matthew! If you get too overwhelmed, just let us know where you're getting stuck—and we'll figure out it. 🙂

  • This was the most helpful video for me:

  • Just found this thread - I'm looking for the same thing. I've been using YNAB for over 5 years now (since the classic version). Every year I look at QB online and decide to stick with YNAB. It's better in so many ways, but I know there are things I've probably been doing wrong, particularly with credit cards. I have spent hours and hours over the years and honestly don't have more time to invest in a youtube rabbit hole. I wish (maybe there is?) there was a forum of certified YNAB experts where I could hire someone even just for an hour or two to look through my YNAB with me and help me resolve what I've been doing wrong. I agree that email back and forth support is difficult for some types of things. I LOVE YNAB support for general issues and questions and the staff is great. But sometimes you just need a conversation. 

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