I cannot connect to Navy Federal Credit Union.

I am a new user and am trying to connect my bank account in the mobile app. I bank at Navy Federal Credit Union, and every time I try to add it, it says that the connection is "under maintenance".

Navy FCU is my primary bank so this poses an issue.

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  • Hi John White !

    Sorry for the trouble!

    Navy Federal recently made changes to their security protocols, which is wreaking some havoc on direct import. Our Direct Import provider will need to rebuild their integration with them in order to get things back up and running. While we hope it will be fixed within a couple days, it could take a couple weeks depending on the complexity of the change.

    We’ll post updates on our Status Page as we hear back from our Direct Import partner.

    In the meantime, I hope you'll still add your accounts to your budget! You can enter transactions on the go with the mobile app and try out File-Based Importing in the web app - a super quick and easy alternative to direct import and manual entry! It allows you to drag and drop a file containing your transactions right into YNAB. :)

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    • Faness I have  a question on this — if I manually mark transactions as cleared, while I'm waiting for a fix, what happens when the direct import is working again? Will I have duplication cleanup to do?

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    • Forest Green Door Great question! I'm happy to report the answer is 'No'. :)

      YNAB has a built in Match feature, so if you manually enter a transaction and it later imports, YNAB will Match them so they aren't duplicated. As long as the two transactions are for the same amount and are dated within 10 days of each other, you'll just need to approve the match (or decline it if there really is supposed to be two of a transaction).

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  • I'm currently having the same issue. Ironically, it was the "push notification" that I used. Lesson learned. 

    So, I broke the connection with NFCU, removed the accounts and started over, using the email notification, and not push. 

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  • Good afternoon we are new users and having issues.  You originally said this could take a few weeks do you have an estimate on when this will be fixed.  

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    • Hi Navy Blue Lightning !

      This issue with NFCU has been resolved. You should be able to connect your account. :)

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