Does upgrading bring all my old data along?

I've gotten sidetracked a while, I am still on YNAB 4 but want to upgrade.   One of the things I really like are all the historical reports so I can compare year over year spending trends.   If I upgrade to the "new" subscription model - does my old data come along?  I can't find an answer on the help topics, they only mention transferring your budget.  

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    Yes, but you need to use the Migration Tool built into YNAB4.

    File > Migrate to the New YNAB

    Keep in mind that it may not be a clean migration if you use credit cards, or use/used the Red Arrow in categories and/or have hidden categories and you'll need to fix things on the budget screen.

  • To add to those instructions, you probably will want to do a modified fresh start when you finish your migration. To do that, select all your categories and choose "Set available to $0.00." That will move all your money back to TBB. From there, you can reconstruct all your category balances from YNAB 4. Don't forget to budget for the current balance on any credit cards you have--and you may find that the categories for your cards are hidden, so check your hidden categories if you don't see a category corresponding to each of your credit cards.

  • We actually wrote a Help Doc on how to do just that! Here are the instructions to migrate your YNAB 4 budget to the new YNAB. :)

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