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I have 1 credit card that I added in the account section like I have done with 5 other credit cards. When I input a transaction with this is Visa card, on the Budget the "activity" section will not populate to show that there will be available money.  It is only showing when I make a payment.  This leads to credit card showing all of this money that I paid, but does not deduct the outflow.  This is only happening with this card.  I need this corrected.  It is really screwing up my budget.    I need help.

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  • Do you have money budgeted for all your purchases with the card? Do you have unfixed credit card overspending (negative orange label) in your budget?

    YNAB is only able to move money from the original purchase category to the payment category if you've properly budgeted for the purchase, so it's possible that's why you aren't seeing the appropriate money movement.

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    • Ben  Hi Ben.  I did not have unfixed credit card overspending. I was properly budgeted before I moved the money.  

      I have two other credit cards that I use and I don't have any problems with those.

  • Hi Gray Admiral !


    What Ben said! Also, I just want to double check that you are seeing the name of that CC account in the Credit Card Payments category?

  • I am Visa Card is appearing in the Credit Card Payments Category in the budget section.

    • Gray Admiral Can you post a screenshot of what you're seeing in your budget? That should help us better pinpoint what's going on here! :)

  • I think I'm having the same issue as  Gray Admiral   I have been using YNAB for several months, but this month, I notice that one of my credit cards is not behaving. When I make a purchase with the card, and categorize the purchase with a budgeted category, I'm not seeing the purchase amount appear in the budgeted line for that card. Does that make sense? Here are some images to illustrate. You'll see that the balance of this credit card is $877.69. All of those purchases are in categories with budgets aligned to them. However, the second screen shot shows you what I see on my budget page. 

    I hope it's okay to post on this thread! I came in to search up the problem and it seems to be the same. 

    • Turquoise Zebra You are more than welcome to join in any discussion on any thread - we're happy to have you here! :)

      I believe the issue here is the Positive Balance on your credit card. When a credit card has a positive balance (in your case, $877.69) then money isn't moved to the credit card category. This is because funds are moved to help you prepare to pay off the debt you create when spending, but a credit card with a positive balance doesn't have any debt to cover. Until that $877.69 falls back below zero, funds won't be moved. You should've seen that $877.69 included in your To Be Budgeted and you can budget it like cash towards your other categories.

      Take a look at the link above and let me know if you still have questions!

      PS - I love your avatar!

    • Faness Wow! You're right! I have no idea how I did that, but I guess it's better to have more money than I expected, rather than less. I thought it was a problem, so tried reconciling my account and it's all good. I guess I was a little over-zealous in my budgeting, but I'm not complaining! 

      Glad you like the avatar...the site gave me this handle and I just ran with it! lol 

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    • Turquoise Zebra Yay for "extra" money! :)

      If your avatar is any indication, you've more than mastered Rolling with the Punches! 😉

  • The first image is a screen shot of the Visa Credit Card that I am having trouble with.

    The second image is a screen shot from May Budget.  

    The 3rd image is the screen shot from June Budget.

    Also, can anyone tell me how I acquired the name "Gray Admiral"?

    • Gray Admiral Thanks for sending over those screenshots! It looks like you're running into the same thing as Turquoise Zebra. That credit card is currently showing a positive balance of $2,479.45. YNAB moves funds to help you prepare to pay off any debt you've built up, but since that card has a positive balance, there's no debt to cover - so funds won't be moved until that account balance falls back below zero.

      As for your username, the forum randomly assigns them when you first sign up. You can change it by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner and selecting to Edit Profile. :)

    • Faness  Thank you so much.  I see now.  The payment of $3200.00 results in an a positive balance.  So now I have a new issue.  The payment of $3200.00 is a balance transfer payoff.  Now I realize the starting balance is wrong.  How do I fix this without throwing off my budget?  I tried reconciling again and changing the start balance amount.

    • Gray Admiral I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I fully understand. Is the $3,200 a balance transfer where you used that account to pay off another account (so the $3,200 should be a negative)? Or was that $3,200 a pay off, supposed to bring that account's balance to zero?

      Either way, you can Change the Starting Balance just be clicking on it. You don't have to reconcile it, changing the Starting Balance will update the account. :)

    • Faness  Thanks Again.  The $3200.00 was a balance transfer to substantially pay down the card.  How do I categorize that?  When i changed the starting balance, it changed everything and left me in the negative for the month of June.  I have to spend more time to figure it out. I had to click the "undo" button.

    • Gray Admiral Categorize that transaction as Inflow: To Be Budgeted. It will apply the $3,200 to the balance on your credit card without including those funds in your budget.

      If changing the Starting Balance caused an issue, the Undo button was the way to go until you're certain that's the problem. The Starting Balance should be what your cleared account balance was on the day you started the account in YNAB. When you reconciled the account did you look at the Starting Balance and then compare each of your transactions in YNAB to the transactions in your bank account? If those all match up everything should be aligned. 

      If you're still in the red after checking on everything, let me know! 

  • Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for all of your help. Everything has balanced. I have been working on this for a month before I contacted YNAB support. The service was impressive. Faness - You are the .

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