Shuffling Money from CC to Account creates wrong Age of Money

Hey all, 

since I was out of a job for three months, I have accumulated a bit of debt on my CCs. I'm not paying interest, because I can shuffle money around so that the CCs are always paid in full. 


Now, I do need to track this shuffling as Inflow. YNAB thinks that it is actual Inflow and therefor puts it towards Age of Money. At the moment, it sais I have 8 days, but my last real Inflow was sometime in August. 

Am I just tracking something wrong or is this YNAB Software?

And if it is the software, is there a possibility to not use shuffled money in the AOM calculations? I think that this can be really misleading.  

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  • There are lots of reasons AoM is misleading, mostly because people think it's something it's not. It's a backwards-looking spending metric that has nothing to do with budgeting. While usually it is misleading high, you've found a way to game a "low score".

    Most people who understand it ignore it.

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  • Hi Aquamarine Storm !

    As you go through the month using a credit card, you're committing the dollars in your budget - but they're still there until you send them. Your buckets of income haven't been touched by those credit card transactions. This is why the Age of Money calculation includes your payments to credit cards, but not credit card transactions.

    If you use credit cards a lot, your Age of Money may be slower to react, have a smoother curve, and you may want to consider shooting for a higher age for your money.

    You can learn more about the Age of Money metric here. :)

  • Just ignore AOM. It's not useful because it doesn't mean what people think it means.

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