First vacation using YNAB...confused about how to enter it

My brain can't make this make sense...hopefully someone on here can help me think this through?

I started YNAB in the beginning of August. My husband and I went to Peru for 2 weeks (got back Sunday) and used a separate YNAB budget to track our itemized spending. Total for the whole trip equaled $3401.93. I entered our transactions from the credit cards we used and the amount of cash we spent, but my category for "Vacation - Peru" doesn't match the total and says I have more available in the budget than I actually do ($4000 budget - current available balance is $1239.87). 

Am I correct in thinking that if I just set the available amount to $0.00 and move that to TBB, it would solve how much I am off by in that category? All my account balances are correct, it's just the category available amount that is throwing me off. 

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  • The category Available is the plan for your future spending. Personally, I would rename the category for the next trip and leave the money in it.

    However, if something with a higher priority needs money, then sure move those funds.

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    If I understand right, from a quick check it sounds like your category balance should be $598.07 (4000-3401.93), so it's $641.80 too high.   That almost sounds like some transactions got missed, or you had more in the category than you thought?  Did some transaction maybe get entered in the wrong category?

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  • I checked through the transactions. We purchased a few trip things prior to starting YNAB that I entered in the entire budget but not our daily budget. So that's where the discrepancy was. Thanks TechieM2 for the tip on checking the transactions more closely! Problem solved. Moved our extra money to our Europe trip for next year!

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