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Hello, so I think I am getting the hang of YNAB but I ran into a problem. I am currently putting xx dollars in a savings account from my direct deposit. The money comes in as to be budgeted and I budget the xx dollars in my rainy day fund on my budget. I started this last month, so my rainy day fund currently has an available of xx dollars in September. I budgeted the same amount I am going to save in this month October, so for October I have 2XX in the available category and this now matches the balance in my savings accounts. 

What should happen to the available amount next month? At the end of this month do I move it to to be budgeted and just budget the current amount in my savings account to that category? Or should I just leave it alone and then see my available always match the balance in my account since I am not withdrawing from it? 

I posted a picture of September and October to help me explain. Once the new month starts what should be done with those dollars? Just let them sit and the balance grow? 

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  • Money added to a category will stay in that category until the end of time until you spend it or take it out. When you add more, the available increases.

    Secondly, you are overbudgeted in October. You need to remove 691.96 from your categories, because they contain 691.96 that you don't have. That's what the negative TBB number is telling you.

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    • nolesrule So I should just leave it there and if it's needed just move some funds? Otherwise just let it grow? 

      As far as the overspending, I spent way too much last month and so I need to recover this month. I am starting to understand YNAB's method a little better so I am going to budget from zero. 

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      Slate Blue Pilot (2903ac015cdb) It's not overspending. It's overbudgeting. You need to unbudget from your categories in October to get the TBB back to ZERO. A negative number in TBB means your categories aren't fully backed by cash. It's a violation of YNAB Rule 1, which is to give every dollar a job. But you've given 691.96 2 jobs, therefore you cannot trust your budget.


      Slate Blue Pilot (2903ac015cdb) said:
      So I should just leave it there and if it's needed just move some funds? Otherwise just let it grow? 

       Normally, yes. But in this case, it's not real money in that category right now since you are overbudgeted. And you can't save (or spend) money you don't have.

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