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I am new to YNAB. I set my budgeted amounts for August, but now that it is September, they all reset to $0. Is there a way to get the amounts to automatically fill in each month so that I don't have to re-enter everything? Thanks!

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  • Select any or all categories. On the right side the Inspector will show Quick Budget options. One of which is Budgeted Last Month. Note: this will budget the final amount in the left column, so if you made any adjustments during the month, it will not budget your original amount.

  • Also, fundamentally, no. Your budget amounts don’t automatically refil because you should determine your budget each month. This is not a set and forget budget. You need to be proactively involved in your budgeting. 

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    • WordTenor  There are certain things that remain the same every month, like our mortgage, my 401k contribution, life insurance payments and our utilities. Those are the categories that I was thinking of. I understand that the other things change, but was trying to figure out a way to make it easier for the things where the budgeted amount doesn't change.

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      • Can we agree that goals are dumb and immature? Sure.
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      Lavender Falcon You can use the quick budget options to budget the same as last month or budget for upcoming transactions. There are speedy ways to input the amounts, but I’m just pointing out that YNAB works very differently from other kinds of budgets, and the nature of an allocation budget is such that you reallocate every month or more often and there’s not an automatic refill of your categories because of the principles of the method. You’ll come to realize that the lack of automaticity is a benefit, not a negative. 🙂

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  • Budgeted amounts are the amount of money that you add (or remove) from a category on your Budget screen in any given month. These amounts are generally a reflection of new money into your budget and moving money around within your budget. So you have to have money available to add to the category in order to be able to add it to the category. If you add more money than you have available, you will be Overbudgeted.

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  • A semi-automating solution would be to set a "monthly targeting goal" for each of your budget categories... the posting " How To Create a Budget Template" describves this prodcess, I believe --

  • Thank you everyone for your comments. I am slowly figuring it out:) 

  • You could also look to combine as many of those categories as makes sense to you. That way you don't have to budget to as many each month. 😊

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