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I had a budget that was negative and a few dollars in To Be Budgeted.  I clicked on the negative amount and selected to cover it with To Be Budgeted.  I knew there was not enough to cover it but I wanted to see what would happen.  To my surprise, the negative budget changed to zero, and To Be Budgeted stayed green and changed to zero, though I expected TBB to go red and show a negative amount.  I scrolled forward many months and finally saw TBB red with a negative balance in.


I have future budgeting, so I get it, I think, that I'm borrowing from myself in the moment against funds that are allocated months away.  But I don't see any indication of this in the present.  One could just budget will-nilly today, or more realistically make a reasonable mistake, and not know about if for some time.


Am I missing something?  Is there some way to tell you've done this without scrolling forward many months past all your future budgeting?


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  • This is what we users call Stealing From the Future. This has been an issue for nearly 3 years. Supposedly they have been working on a solution for it and it's in beta.

  • It's strange, since this could be easily adressed with an orange sign in the TBB panel.

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  • Hi Darren K !

    As Nolesrule mentioned, we're currently working on a way to make Stealing From The Future more obvious! I can't give a set time frame, but the feature has already been released to a few users for testing and we hope to have it fully tested and polished in the near future! :)

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