YNAB Giveaway!

Hello, YNABers! It's time for another YNAB Forum Giveaway! We're hoping to get more folks to join the forum, so we're doing a little giveaway! We'll be sending three months of YNAB free and the YNAB book to five winners. We'd like to include new folks as well as current forum users, so even if you're not new, please participate! 

So here's how it will work:

  • Leave a comment below answering this question: "What is your biggest YNAB Win?"
  • On Friday, 10/12 I will choose five people at random. 
  • That day, I'll contact the winners privately to get some information so we can send the prizes!

A few notes for new folks:

If you haven't created an account with the forum yet, you'll just need to do so before you can comment. Click 'Login' at the top of the screen. If you're already logged in to your budget in the same browser, you'll automatically be signed into the forum. If not, sign in with the same email and password you use to log in to the YNAB app.  If you haven't used YNAB before, you'll need to create an account first. 

New folks will be assigned a random name, avatar, and username, but you can change your name and avatar if you like! Just click your user icon in the upper right corner and select Edit Profile.

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  • My biggest win is using YNAB. I never found a method that worked for me for knowing where my money went.  I stuck with YNAB and now my money has a purpose. 

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  • My biggest YNAB win is reducing my debt by $10,000 this year and knowing that I should be debt free in March 2020, at the latest. 

  • Having no idea when payday is!

  • My biggest YNAB win is the clarity that has come with creating my budget.  I find myself drawn to the app (those colors!) and am really liking the interface.  I'm new to YNAB and excited about all the features.  I've been using quicken, but the budgeting is not anywhere near as clear as YNAB.  I'm so happy and excited about YNAB!   I keep revisiting my budget and refining my categories as I watch the videos and listen to the podcasts.  

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  • After my hubby stayed at a bad job (that we are now actually paying off debt for...crazy...) for WAY too long, and me taking 5 weeks of unpaid maternity leave during that time,  we have finally broken the paycheck to paycheck cycle and are on an aggressive track to pay off debt accrued from said terrible job and 9 months of basically one part time income. Without ynab during that dark financial time, I think we'd be even farther in debt. 

  • My biggest YNAB win is that after 18 months I am still using it. In the past about 6 weeks is how long a budget has lasted me. I now know where my money is going, it is in line, for the most part with where I want it to be. 

  • My biggest win is being in charge of my financial decisions understanding the consequences of each purchase. 

  • My biggest YNAB win is freedom!  You can make the assumption that a budget is restricting, but when we assign a job for our money we experience freedom and feel in control! 

  • My biggest personal win is feeling like my budget is a help, rather than a controlling force. It can change to fit my needs.  But recently some friends who I recommended ynab to years ago told me it was the best thing they had done for their marriage, so that was pretty exciting! 

  • My biggest YNAB win is always questioning whether a purchase is a need or a want and consulting my budget to act accordingly. 

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  • I love staying on top of things. The best win from using YNAB is the no surprise factor and always knowing where my balances are and how close I am to my goals. 

  • We used YNAB to help us analyze our spending, set our goals and pay off over $15,000 in debt over the last year!

  • My biggest YNAB win was being able to see that I had enough money saved to confidently quit my job without another one lined up!

  • Thank you, everybody, for sharing your awesome wins! Here are the winners of the giveaway:

    • Tan Screwdriver | @tan_screwdiver.1
    • Dalila | @dmercedesh
    • Slate Gray Cartridge | @slate_gray_cartridge.2
    • Aquamarine Case | @aquamarine_case.1
    • Slate Gray Barnacle | @slate_gray_barnacle.2

    If you're on that list, I will send you a direct message today to get your address. For everybody else, I'm sorry you weren't picked this time, but we'll definitely do this again in the future! 

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