YNAB Giveaway!

Hello, YNABers! It's time for another YNAB Forum Giveaway! We're hoping to get more folks to join the forum, so we're doing a little giveaway! We'll be sending three months of YNAB free and the YNAB book to five winners. We'd like to include new folks as well as current forum users, so even if you're not new, please participate! 

So here's how it will work:

  • Leave a comment below answering this question: "What is your biggest YNAB Win?"
  • On Friday, 10/12 I will choose five people at random. 
  • That day, I'll contact the winners privately to get some information so we can send the prizes!

A few notes for new folks:

If you haven't created an account with the forum yet, you'll just need to do so before you can comment. Click 'Login' at the top of the screen. If you're already logged in to your budget in the same browser, you'll automatically be signed into the forum. If not, sign in with the same email and password you use to log in to the YNAB app.  If you haven't used YNAB before, you'll need to create an account first. 

New folks will be assigned a random name, avatar, and username, but you can change your name and avatar if you like! Just click your user icon in the upper right corner and select Edit Profile.

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  • Thank you, everybody, for sharing your awesome wins! Here are the winners of the giveaway:

    • Tan Screwdriver | @tan_screwdiver.1
    • Dalila | @dmercedesh
    • Slate Gray Cartridge | @slate_gray_cartridge.2
    • Aquamarine Case | @aquamarine_case.1
    • Slate Gray Barnacle | @slate_gray_barnacle.2

    If you're on that list, I will send you a direct message today to get your address. For everybody else, I'm sorry you weren't picked this time, but we'll definitely do this again in the future! 

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  • My biggest YNAB win is knowledge. Understanding where my money was going, where it should be going, and knowing to assign each dollar a purpose has been the ultimate win for me. Thank you.

  • My biggest YNAB win controlling my money so well it’s now 54 days old!

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  • My biggest win so far is to “stop the bleeding!” I have lot of debt to tackle and YNAB has helped me to begin to focus so that I don’t keep adding to it.

  • My biggest win with YNAB is learning that it is ok for my budget to flex (roll with the punches). It’s alright if my priorities change in a pay period. I used to give up on the budget if things didn’t flow perfectly in the way I had originally planned. Now, my husband and I are nearly debt-free because of our flexible-budgeting consistency! 

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  • My biggest YNAB win is letting go of forecasting/over planning and trusting my budget after I put in goals and scheduled transactions!

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  • My biggest YNAB winning is knowing where we spend our money and and analyzing for the next year’s goals and realities.  

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  • My biggest YNAB win was getting to where my husband and I were living on last month’s paychecks - total game changer. I like specificity, and knowing my *exact* budget for the month down to the *penny* makes my heart so happy 😁

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  • My biggest YNAB win has been getting honest about my trust expenses and saving for them!

  • My biggest win is getting mine and my fiance's finances together ready for marriage in 3 weeks time! Setting off our marriage on the right foot and talking about finances together, YNAB makes it easy to see what our goals are together and where we can save money ready for our future together! :) 

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  • My biggest YNAB win is freeing up enough cash flow so I can take care of my aging parents (who didn’t do so good saving for retirement). Because of YNAB my father can actually retire.

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  • My biggest YNAB win is becoming debt free at age 23! In just a few months my car will be paid off 3 years early, and my credit cards will be paid in full and closed. Also at the age of 23, I have a full working budget and save for things like car maintenance, medical expenses, etc unlike most people my age. YNAB has seriously changed my life and I recommend it to everyone, and have even sat down with a few people to sign them up and get a budget started. I can't say enough about YNAB! ♡

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      Chelsea S  yay! So happy for you!

  • Peace of mind! It's priceless. Having the cash waiting on you to spend it when you need to is truly the biggest win I have experienced since joining YNAB.

  • not spending my FSA healthcare reimbursements before the bills come!

  • My biggest YNAB win has to be just knowing where my money is going!

  • My ginormous YNAB win is growing in the skill and art of self-control, especially through the incentive of aging my money. When a friend introduced me to YNAB a few months ago, I was intrigued by YNAB's concept of aging your money so that you are not dependent on the paycheck to paycheck flow of life. Having gone through Ramsey's Financial Peace University, we cleaned up our budget a TON! But YNAB's unique way of explaining proactive paths to financial security have really clicked with me and is helping me rethink and reframe our planning and spending. Thanks YNAB! 💯💯

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  • My biggest YNAB win was being able to able to keep up with my expenses between jobs. I had gone on medical leave at my previous job and they stopped paying me when I asked for an extension to my leave. I wasn’t too fond of the job, so I found a new one instead. Went about two months without pay, but YNAB helped me stay afloat financially. Then I got paid at my new job and I saw a fully funded budget for the first time. 😄

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  • Hi there! How can I get to the forum from my YNAB account? I don't see a support option anywhere. Maybe that's why not a lot of people are engaging with it??

    SOOO my biggest YNAB win so far (after a little more than a week of us) is ACTUALLY TRACKING WHERE MY MONEY IS GOING. It's amazing to see all the line items and where it's going. Also, the whole concept of only using money I have (vs. using money I WILL have next month) is really good for me. :) That's definitely a win for me. 

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  • My biggest YNAB win is assigning every dollar a job and paying bills on time instead of paying last months bills with this months paycheck. 

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  • I'm a recent college graduate, trying to make a life plan and figure out how to be both happy & financially prepared. My biggest YNAB win is setting aside money for my student loans and rent payments ahead of time, and having flexibility with the rest of my savings - it definitely came in handy when I unexpectedly had to buy a new laptop this summer ($1200 - my biggest independent purchase ever!). I love YNAB and recommend it to all my friends! 

  • Our biggest win is getting our purchases automatically into our budget with downloading from our bank account. Also saving for the yearly items with a little each month. We are still learning but it has been so good for us! 

  • My biggest YNAB win was having a budget I understood very well, so when the time came I was able to make an overnight decision to retire at age 60 years, 8 months.  2 years later, that looks like the best decision of my career.

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  • My biggest YNAB win is learning the difference between forecasting and budgeting. This distinction completely shifted my understanding of personal finances and how to be in control.

  • My biggest YNAB win was FINDING YNAB, and actually doing a budget for the first time in my life (I'm 44!!) I could cry!! I feel joy and a sense of freedom and FAITH that the rest of my life will be OK!! I took one class so far and plan to do ALL of them. Thank you so much for developing an easy to use app with so many resources and so much help.  There are lots of options out there and yours is by far the best.  It meets every need possible when it comes to finances....other than paying off our bills🤩😉but I got in this mess and with confidentiality get out of it now with YNAB!!!

  • No more wasted money! I used ynab to track down money I thought went "missing", and I couldn't believe all the junk I was purchasing without thinking. My biggest win has come in the form of saving that money for vacations!

  • My biggest win has been paying off over $15k of student loan debt. More than I've paid off in the 5 years since I graduated.

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