My secret to budgeting fitness goals!

Since starting YNAB two months ago, I began searching for ways to cut costs on my "must-haves", one of them being Fitness. 

Working out is important to me, and after recovering from a severe injury, working out in a supported, structured class has been of the utmost importance.

I found classes that I loved, but struggled to budget for them. Studio memberships can be expensive! To me, it's always worth the money... unless there's an alternative. 

I recently learned about ClassPass in my area. It's been around for a while in big cities, and is new to mine! 

Basically, you buy credits. These credits can be used at participating studios to attend a HUGE variety of fitness classes. There are some downsides, such as having to pay more credits if you go to a single studio more than a couple times.. but all in all, this has been well worth it for me. 

The best plan and the one I'm signed up for costs $70 for 40 credits. In my city, classes are all around 4 credits, or the equivalent of $7 (as a contrast, in LA, the avg class is 7 credits, or $10) Most drop in rates in-studio (in my smaller city) are  $15-20, and membership rates are much higher than $70 pretty much everywhere...

This week I went to a spin class, a yoga class, and a TRX class. This weekend I'll go back to spin, and still have credits to spare. I can switch it up and stay fit and active during this winter snowy season AND save money. Of course there are pros and cons to not having one go-to fitness space or studio, but a studio membership is I was willing to give up to save money.

Look into it. Here is a copy/paste from their website about cities it' available in:

"ClassPass is available in the following North American cities:










Dallas/Fort Worth



Kansas City

Las Vegas

Los Angeles/Orange County


Minneapolis/St. Paul


New Orleans 

New York








Salt Lake City

St. Louis

San Antonio 

San Diego

San Francisco





Washington D.C. 

& our international cities in Australia and London!"


Ps- if you do sign up, you can use my link here ( ) and we both automatically earn $30 in credits. You certainly don't have go go through me, but it would be the most bang for your buck...


Happy sweating!

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    • Jen
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    • Jen_c
    • 4 yrs ago
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    Hey, that's a really cool idea! I was disappointed to see my city wasn't in the list, but I'm sure other YNABers will be in at least some of those cities!

    Thanks for sharing. 😀

      • g.359
      • Gold_Boa_675fa61a67a7
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Jen - bummer it isn't in your city! It really just barely came to mine. It started off in LA and NYC first, and has slowly started to spread. I am thrilled. This has seriously been a lifesaver to my predicament of budgeting for my physical health 😜

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  • Neat. A friend of mine used something similar for yoga only (Passport to Prana). I didn't know there was a more general option. I might take you up on your referral link. Thanks for the tip.

      • g.359
      • Gold_Boa_675fa61a67a7
      • 4 yrs ago
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      WaldorfKitty I *highly* recommend it. I just added on 12 credits to my month for only $7 (that's 3 classes for $7!) 

      It would be worth getting a trial period and seeing what classes are available to you in your area. For me, all of the yoga studios I love are on there (and then some) so it was a no brainer.  You can cancel at any time, so if you don't like it after your first round you are not committed. 

      Let me know if you have any questions about how it works. 

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