Import all transactions for last year

Hello.  Newbie here.  In preparing for my 2017 US federal income tax return, I want to import all transactions from my Chase bank accounts as well as PayPal.  (then I'll categorize in order to input manually into TurboTax).  Guidance is greatly appreciated!

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    ...that sounds like a lot of work. Best of luck!

    Probably your best bet would be to export your transactions using your bank's website, then import them using the File Based Importing feature: . That will allow you to split up the work into monthly chunks in case you want to do the work over time.

    I can understand doing this if you're trying to put together records for tax purposes, but note that YNAB doesn't recommend doing this for general budgeting purposes. In general, YNAB recommends looking forward, not backwards, since you can change and improve your finances in the future, but can't really do much about past decisions.

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  • Hi PanterrasBox !

    Ben is 1,000% correct here! Direct Import won't go that far back, so you'll need to use File Based Importing. You'll need to categorize all of your transactions after import, so Ben's idea of taking things a month at a time might make it more manageable! :)

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