Empty payee in Android app?

I've recently switched to new YNAB from YNAB4, and I'm surprised an annoying behaviour in Classic still exists in the new mobile app.

When I'm inputting a transaction, I can leave the "Payee" field empty without problems. But if geolocation comes in and autofills some nearby payee, app doesn't let me delete it, I must choose an existing payee (or create a new one). If I explicitly want an empty payee (for example because it's some trivial expense like a parking fee, in a place I won't come back), my only option is creating some kind of "No" payee, which is just an ugly hack.

Am I missing something? I sincerely thought it was a bug in Classic, so if all those years later everything is exactly the same and nobody is annoyed, perhaps it's me who's doing something wrong.


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  • Hi jesjimher ! 

    It looks like you're running into a bug we're actively investigating. Would you mind filling out a Bug Report, so we can gather more information? Thank you so much!

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  • I've been experiencing this for as long as I can remember using the app. I have a 'Delete' payee which I routinely edit out on the desktop version. It's not the end of the world but it is annoying.

    Are you guys closer to a fix?

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    • Hi Silver Pilot !

      Sorry for the trouble! We're working on making the mobile app as fully functional as the web app, but we don't have this option specifically pin-pointed. Would you mind submitting a Feature Request? That'll let our Product team know you'd like to see that option soon! :)

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