Where do the Funds for (month) come from?

I'm just getting started setting up my accounts....Where does the number for the Funds for the (month) in the top right hand corner come from?  I haven't entered anything in my budget categories yet, but have linked my accounts and have $33902.55 in all my accounts....so that's the number on the left hand side where it calculates all of my accounts.  But when it says Funds for the month in the top right hand corner, it says $54,632.32 which doesn't seem correct to me? Because then I'd be budgeting money I don't really have, right? Where does this number come from, and how do I correct it? Thank you.

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  • Do you have any overspent categories right now??


    if you have credit cards are they showing a negative balance??

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      • cd12799
      • cd12799
      • 10 days ago
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      satcook We pay off our credit cards every month and one has a negative starting balance of 7987.14, and the other one has a negative balance of 85.00. As far as overspent categories, I don't think so. What specifically do you mean by that? Sorry, I'm coming from the old ynab, and this is a whole new ballgame.  Thanks!

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      • dakinemaui
      • dakinemaui
      • 9 days ago
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      cd12799 Make sure you budget to reserve funds to pay off that starting balance in the CC Payment category. (This is not unlike in YNAB4 where you had to budget the Pre-YNAB Debt down to $0 at startup if you wanted this to be a paid-in-full card.)

      Also keep an eye on those CC Payment categories in the future. They should match the entire account balance, but there are a number of things that will throw off the agreement. It's not like YNAB4 where paid-in-full status was maintained until you explicitly took on debt.

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  • Hi cd12799 !

    +Funds for [This Month] is the total of:

    • the amount leftover in To be Budgeted from last month
    • the amount Budgeted in Future from last month
    • all Inflow:To Be Budgeted transactions for the current month (including from Reconciliation Balance Adjustments)
    • any Starting Balance transactions with a date in the current month on cash accounts (not credit card accounts)
    • any positive credit card balances in the current month
    • any cash advances from a credit account to a cash account in the current month

    Can you take a look at those areas and let me know if things still aren't adding up?

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  • You need to exclude your negative CC accounts from the total on the left. The budget consists solely of your cash on hand.

    In short, Funds for (month) is the amount of cash received to date that has not been budgeted in a prior month.

    You don't "correct" FFM because it's not in error. Alternatively, IF it is in error, YNAB would have to fix things, not you.

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