Weekday-only Scheduled Transactions

Hi everyone,

This may be fairly unique to me (in which case it doesn't really warrant a feature request), but I would love to be able to schedule recurring transactions only on weekdays.

I have searched for this in the past, but have not found this request in the forum archives; so apologies if this has been raised before.


My office has a deli where we can buy lunch. I work in the office almost every single weekday, and the typical cost of daily meals is fairly predictable; so I currently have a repeat = daily scheduled transaction set up.

The problem is that this puts my budget into the yellow every month, because it thinks I need to budget for saturdays and sundays too. I also end up having to manually delete those transactions every week or so.


Thanks a lot for considering this potential feature,


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  • Starting this coming Monday you could create a transaction each day using the weekly recurring transaction interval. You'd have 5 transactions in your scheduler.

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  • Hi Jen,

    Thanks, I think I considered this previously; but it would be more like 15x transactions for me, as I pre-fill several transactions per day (to cover vending machine purchases as well as deli lunches; I then delete/clear as I go throughout the week).

    However, the more I think about it, the more I see what a unique scenario this one is 馃槄. I'll probably put in a bit of time to manually sort out 15x recurring transactions; and go with your workaround. 


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    • Hi Johan! Sky Blue Falafel 

      If you don't want to see those Scheduled Transactions in your register, you can turn them off in the register using the Filter option. If you don't want to see 15 scheduled transactions, you could also enter 3 transactions to repeat daily and then delete the weekend occurrences (this would have to be done every weekend).

      When you have a moment, you can submit a Feature Request for a more customizable repeat option for scheduled transactions. That way, it isn't just for weekday transactions but for any transaction that may have a unique schedule. :)

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