Budgeting and goals - problem coming up?

Hey all, been using YNAB for a couple of months now but got to a stage where my balances etc were completely out and I couldn't fix the problem. So have decided to start totally fresh with a new budget which I've just set up using CURRENT balances on my accounts as they are right now.


But now I'm stuck and not sure how to sort something out.... Might be over thinking but can't get head round it.


Example :

I have a current account balance of £200 which will fund various categories.


I have a monthly goal for £60 for cat food. However I have already spent £19 of that, which has already cleared through the bank and is therefore NOT included in the starting balance above which I have used for my new shiny budget.  Also, If I budget £60 for the goal now I will end up thinking I have more money than I do.


If I budget £60 for my goal and then 'spend' the £19 so the remaining amount is right, I'll have spent the same money twice and my account balance will be reduced although that money has already cleared.


What's the simplest way to get round it?  Sorry, I suspect I'm being thick with this but just hit a mental block....


Thanks x

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  • Budget £41 in the current month. Set up a £60 goal in next month's area.

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  • Thank you. I did wonder if I was overthinking but had just hit a mental block with it :)

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