How can I force an update of my accounts?

Maybe I'm confused about how YNAB works (I'm a new user), but it seems that it works best when the spending data is being managed in real-time to give clear visibility to budget status. That's where I'm having an issue. It seems that there's some lag - maybe a couple of days - in terms of how accurate the YNAB transaction feed is. From what I was able to glean, it seems like YNAB updates only every 12 hours. I haven't been able to figure out how to force an update and get my most current transactions - for example, charges I made that day. Since I use my debit card/apple pay for almost everything, I usually have a lot of transactions and I find it hard to reconcile my accounts unless I don't touch my card for a couple of days (which is not practical). So my question is: can I force an update that will capture all the most current transactions from my bank? If the answer is no, do you have it on your product roadmap to enable this? I have tried a bunch of other budgeting and banking tools that can support this functionality.

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  • I just signed up for ynab for a year.  I was liking it so far but now it says my transactions were last update 2 days ago. So I am way out of date.  I don't want to manually enter transactions as a lot of mine are auto or from paypal/amazon/ rental incomes etc ... Even if it was every 12 hours as has been stated that would be fine with me.  But 2 days if that is the norm is way too long between updates.

    • Sky Blue Welder Hi there! Our system can check for newly cleared transactions up to 3 times a day. It will check every night during a nightly refresh, and opening up YNAB will prompt another check if it’s been 8 hours since the last one.

      That said, there are a few reasons you might see longer delays, such as weekends and holidays, your bank's release schedule, or other timing issues. If you're seeing consistently long delays (48-72 hours), we'd be happy to take a closer look! You can report a bank importing issue here

  • ok I will do that.  It's My bank of America checking account.  I do regularly import transactions into quicken and have never had an issue with a delay...

  • I'm finding that even my debit card purchases (which I thought went through the bank right away) are approx 3 days behind.  It is what it is ... I guess I'll just live with it.  Because the rest of YNAB seems to be pretty cool.

    • Slate Blue Mainframe Delays of three days or so on directly imported transactions are normal for lots of financial institutions. Even if something appears as cleared quickly on your online banking, it can still be a bit before the transaction is released for data aggregators. 

      If you start to see longer delays get in touch with our support team and we can look into it!

  • PLEASE fix the sync delay. This is not a banking or credit card issue as all my transactions show cleared. All my other applications like Quicken and Quickbooks update my accounts as soon as a transaction clears in the bank. Waiting 2-3 days is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE for a paid service.


    By the way... the date of this post is 5/6/2021. I currently have pending posts in YNAB going back to 5/3/2021. All of my transactions have cleared the bank and credit cards and all of my transactions show up in Quicken. However, YNAB still shows my transactions as pending.

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    • Steel Blue Packet 
      Thanks for letting us know you're experiencing this. Because we can't troubleshoot direct import issues in the Forum, will you please give us more detail about what's going on by sending us this form? We'll reply via email and get to the bottom of this!

      For anyone else who comes across this thread, if you’re having trouble with your bank, please fill out this form. Our Direct Import team will help get things working smoothly again!

    • Matthew Thank you... I just filled out the form.

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