Overspending but with a loan to my business

I need to pay some business bills from my personal account. I liked YNAB4 when the overspent amount carried over to the next month, though I understand why they changed it. The problem is, how to keep track of that money? I do not want to set up a YNAB account for the business account, just keep track of paying the money back to my personal account once I am able to.

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  • You can manually enter the negative amount into next month that would have carried over. 

    You can enter a future-dated transaction with the amount owed and modify the amount as it is paid back. 

    You may be able to do something with goals.

    • Habanero Salsa There are some confusing/undesirable side effects to doing that, so I wouldn't recommend the negative budget value approach.

      A future-dated transaction doesn't address the required budget interaction.

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      dakinemaui “The problem is, how to keep track of that money?“

      it addresses this. 

    • Habanero Salsa Of course it does, and there are numerous ways to achieve that single aspect.

  • Categorize the outflows and inflows to a Work Reimbursement category.

    I'm assuming you're paying these expenses with a CC. If the Reimbursement category ever turns green, move those funds to the relevant CC Payment category. It's pretty simple.

    A search for the Work category gives the pending amount.

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