Toolkit "Total Monthly Goals" way off?

Hi there!


New YNAB user, super excited to finally get my finances under control.

One feature I was SO EXCITED that the YNAB toolkit has is the "Total Monthly Goals" - but it seems to not be working for me?

I have most of my goals as "monthly" goals, and if I scroll forward to a month with nothing budgeted, I see "underfunded" number to be quite large, the amount I expect.

Yet for some reason the "total monthly goals" from the toolkit displays an amount that's far short. Is this a bug?


Oh, and I just downloaded the toolkit today and am getting the issue in Firefox and Chrome. Thanks!



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  • I'd noticed this as well, and was curious as to what calculation was actually being used for the Toolkit's number.

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  • Hi Winston Struye !

    I took a look, and the Toolkit feature list states that number "displays the total amount of monthly funding goals." If you add up your monthly funding goals only (not monthly spending, or any other goals), does that number seem on track? 

    We aren't able to troubleshoot that figure since it's a Toolkit feature, but I hope that helps!

  • Hi Faness and Sean Hogarty ,

    Aha, I had most of my goals set as "Monthly Spending Goals" since they are listed as spending goals. Then I changed them to "Monthly Contribution Goals" and they got listed in that Total Monthly Goalsgfgf number.

    Why would this be though? Shouldn't I list things such as my rent as "Monthly Spending Goal" and not a "Contribution Goal"? I say this mostly because Contribution Goals are listed under the saving goals categories.

    Can I make a request for this from Toolkit? Maybe I'll make a new topic about it.

    Thanks for your help,


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    • Hi Sean Hogarty and Winston Struye !

      While we have no control over the features offered through the Toolkit, you can make requests on the Toolkit Website.  You can also submit a Feature Request to let our Product Team know if this is something you'd like to see brought to the YNAB app itself.

  • Winston Struye I did figure that out, but have the same general question... the key amount I'm interested in is what the sum total of my various goals for the month are...  not just the monthly contribution ones, but also the monthly spending ones, the spend-by-date ones, and the target balance by date ones (which do have a monthly "meaning").  This is different than "unfunded" for an empty non-budgeted month, as that number actually includes any upcoming transactions, which are irrelevant from a goals perspective.    I'd love a Total Goals for this Month metric.

  • Sean Hogarty totally agree! Submitted a feature request to YNAB, and will be submitting one to Toolkit soon

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