Clearing out To Be Budgeted Money

I have had YNAB for many years and have used it primarily for bookkeeping  and generating reports of my spending.  I actually want to use the budgeting portion now that I'm ready to actually manage and budget my money in an effort to pay down debt and save money.

My problem is I have this HUGE amount of money in the "Funds from January" and "Overspent in December" categories in the big red sales ticket that says "To Be Budgeted".  I just want to wipe that clean.  I want to start fresh with the budget portion and not literally start all over setting up accounts and categories.  I hope that makes sense.

Can anyone help?

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  • Use the Quick Budget to set the available balance of all your categories to zero in January (they might be already). Then whatever is in To Be Budgeted is what you have available to set up your budget. You can ignore the smaller numbers in the header.

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      I suggest you do the Quick-Budget / Available to Zero in the December's area, followed by deleting all the budget entries in the January area. This will let you more easily distribute the funds in TBB as you see fit in January's area.

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  • You could also do a Fresh Start, which create a new budget with all of your categories and accounts intact but clear out all of your transactions and budgeted amounts. The end result will be similar to what nolesrule suggested, but your existing transactions and previous budget months won't be there. (They will be in an archived copy of your existing budget, however.)

  • Before you do anything in the budget, make sure your accounts are reconciled (agree with the real-world).

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