Why are some of my budgeted numbers negative

I'm trying to figure out why my budgeted numbers are negative.  I just started YNAB and trying to manage.

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  • It is because you used the move money tool to move money out of that category


    negative budgeted numbers are not a problem. 

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  • Hi DM !

    The Budgeted column shows how much money you've put into or taken out of a category in the current month. A negative number means you've taken money out of that category - which isn't a bad thing! YNAB is just showing you that money was moved. :)

  • Oh okay...It's in the gift category.  So I moved money out to take care of expenses that were occurring right now.  Makes sense.

    Yes, satcook  I used the money tool on my app to take care of expenses.  Makes sense now!  

    Thank you so much!   I'm going to have to use this forum more.


    Let's see if you can help me with another question with credit cards.  So I budgeted cash to pay for my phone bill, which is changed to my credit card.  But it increases my credit card balance which i get.  It feels like i'm budgeting for it twice because I have to budget for the payment too. Does that make sense?  I get the whole process but I'm trying to wrap my head around I already put money aside now i'm having to do it again.

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    • DM you budget for the phone bill in the phone bill category. If you pay with a CC, you've taken on new debt but still have that cash. YNAB will automatically move that amount from the phone category to the relevant CC Payment category.

      It is mainly for non-budgeted purchases that you would budget directly to the payment category. This reserves money to pay that debt off. A common need for this is a starting balance on the card.

  • dakinemaui - AHHH!  It makes sense, but I'm going to have to repeat it in my head several times.  Reason you don't base your spending on the bank balance!  I just needed it spelled out.  I need to budget the credit card balance the day I started this to pay it off.  Or anything I charge that isn't on the budget.  

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    • DM You got it. The bottom line is that a card with paid-in-full status should have a Payment Available that covers the entire (working) account balance. Keep an eye on that agreement, because some common things will throw off the agreement and require an adjustment (e.g., purchase rewards issued as a statement credit).

  • My advice is to watch all the tutorials in order to understand how the system works before you start budgeting.

    don't use the app before you get accustomed with the web based program first. Make sure your budget is aligned with your values before you even start. 

  • Thanks @TeaPot.  I did watch all the tutorials, but sometimes it doesn't click until you hear it in a different form.

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