How to differentiate between underfunded / overspent on credit? Or auto-budget to meet "Target Category Balance"?

Best I can tell, the only difference is that "Overspent on credit" has a tiny credit card icon next to it, but they're the same color, so at first glance they look identical -- especially on a small screen. This problem is amplified by the way that the under-funded category turns orange -- for example: when I re-allocate this month's Kombucha funds to a more important place.

What I actually want is for my "Kombucha" category to have a "Target Category Balance", not a "Monthly Funding Goal". Unfortunately, the "Goal Target" quick-budget button only works with a monthly funding goal -- and disappears entirely when the goal is a "Target Category Balance". So I'm forced to use the "Monthly Funding Goal" if I want to auto-budget.

Am I approaching this the wrong way? What's the community recommend?

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  • I don't know about Overspent on Credit, but the Toolkit for YNAB (Chrome or Firefox) has a setting that turns unmet goals blue, to differentiate them from other orange icons. Even if you are using Safari or Edge as your main browser, it's worth d/ling and using Chrome or Firefox only for YNAB: the benefits of the Toolkit are worth it.

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  • As JoeDid says the Toolkit allows you to turn unmet goals blue. The other key indicator that you've overspent on credit is the dirty great - sign in front of the number.

    Underfunded goals will still be zero or positive. Overspending will be -ve and either be orange if credit overspending or red if cash overspending but it's the - sign that's key.

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  • That browser extension is awesome! Now, my "Overspent on credit" turns red, and "Underfunded" categories are blue, so they're easy to differentiate with a quick glance. It does a ton of other useful things too -- and makes me wonder why YNAB doesn't make those things standard, but whatever.

    My only beef is that it doesn't work for the phone app, but I primarily use the browser app.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

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