Can't revert to yesterday's account settings - PLEASE HELP!

Following a suggestion in another thread, I moved all my Put Aside transactions into my budget. I then saw that I had to give the 94 transactions categories since I'd moved them from a tracked account.

I started doing this then looked at my budged and saw that it had bizarrely it sent my budget into the red.  

I then tried to put everything back but there's not enough 'undo' to get everything back to where it was yesterday. 

I want "Load Another Version" from Y4! What am I to do???

EDIT: I deleted the 94 transactions and found that I was  down to £60,60 so I'm going to reconcile 

EDIT2 reconciling gave me this -


What on earth am I to do??????? I did have £174.24 plus the things I had spent or allocated down to zero.

PLEASE HELP!!!I don't really want to Fresh Start if I can help it.

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