2 weeks "Sober"

So one of my biggest struggles when it comes to saving money is impulse buys, many of which are very unhealthy such as energy drinks and fast food. Today, I'm happy to say that since I started my trial with YNAB 2 weeks ago, I haven't made any of these impulse buys. 

When I creating the budget for my wife and I, I knew there were certain things I had no business putting money towards because they were an unhealthy waste so when joining YNAB, I decided then and there that I wouldn't put anything on the budget that was bad for me and I would stick to that budget. 

After only 2 weeks I can easily say that I feel healthier and happier without the guild of daily fast food and way too many energy drinks. What's crazy is I don't feel like I've lost any energy after getting energy drinks out of my diet, which shows me that I was wasting a lot of money on basically nothing. 

I love YNAB and thank my brother, Justin Hatchett, for suggesting it and answering all my questions! Thanks again!

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  • This is fabulous! Congratulations! I am one week in and also suffer from impulse buys and haven't made any in the last week--a challenge for sure, but a very good feeling! 

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