How do I post money paid to me from roommates for rent? They give me their share and I paid the rent out of my account 

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  • If you're liable to have more expenses than just rent (e.g., electric/internet/etc.), then use a category for each of them. Categorize their portion of things that you pay to their category with a split transaction. (One split line for your portion, other split lines for each roommate.)

    When they give you money, record an inflow directly to their category.

    If they pay an expense in-lieu of paying you directly, record a net $0 split transaction (an outflow split for your portion of whatever they paid and an inflow split to their category).

    Potential issue: YNAB does not carry negative balances across the month. The common workaround is to offset the category by budgeting enough cash to keep it positive. (Tip: record this offset in the category name for reference. If the category Available is less than the offset, you are owed.) An alternate is to get money in advance (or settle up) at the end of the previous month.

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  • I've been simplifying this by just adding it to my TBB category, since my fiance and kids send me money for various things all the time (rent, their phones, etc, that I pay out of my account). It's easier for me to just add it to the TBB than to try to categorize out everything every time someone sends me something. Not sure if this is correct, but that's what I do right now.

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      Spring Green Horn It depends on how much you use reports. If you categorise it to TBB it will show up as income in your income v expense report. The rent expense will also include their portion. 

      If you categorise it back to the rent category then it is not included in income and your rent expense will only show your portion of the rent.

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  • I also just add it to TBB and budget it anywhere i want. The rent and utilities are always budgeted on the first but i don't always get the other share right away so i just use it to fill up the budget. 

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