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I just imported transactions for my credit card.  It updated with this month's interest accrued.  YNAB wants me to give the transaction a category.  If I put it under "interest and fees" it will show that category underfunded.  Can I just leave it uncategorized for now, and then add the category when I am updating my budgeted income next payday?  Then I can have money funded for that category as the bill is not due until Dec 1.   

We are aggressively paying down our credit cards, so hopefully this will be a non-issue soon. :-)

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    Don't leave it uncaregorized; just leave the category overspent and fund it later.  You can also leave the interest category unfunded forever and deal only with your card payment category, budgeting the amount of your full snowball each month. The net effect is exactly the same. 

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    • Tan Major (faac422e1003) Thanks, makes sense!

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